Federal Court Criminal Defense: Pre-Indictment Representation

Is the Federal Government Laying the Groundwork for a Case Against You?

You have reason to believe that you or someone you love is a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation. You have been kept in the dark about possible evidence, witnesses, or other factors related to the case. But you are very aware that at any moment, law enforcement could act—and you could be caught completely off guard.

The federal government does not want to indict you until they consolidate their case, plan their strategy and gather as much evidence as possible. While they plan, you sit idle. When the time comes, you are a sitting duck for federal prosecutors.

It goes without saying, but a conviction of a federal crime could strip you of your family, your freedoms and your future.

  • Federal offenses carry sentencing which could leave you behind bars for decades, maybe even a lifetime.
  • Fines could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. For serious fraud charges against the U.S. government, you could be forced to repay that money for years to come.
  • An indictment could become a very public affair, putting you and your family in the spotlight of major media outlets for all the wrong reasons.

The government could be planning their case against you at this very moment. Do not be caught off guard. Contact the law offices of Bilecki Law Group and start preparing TODAY.

Pre-Indictment Defense: Why It Matters

What determines the outcome of a trial begins long before the first day in court. Days, weeks, months, even years of effort may go into investigating crime scenes, scouring documents, conducting forensic testing and locating key witness testimony. The federal government will keep all of this quiet until a clear picture of your guilt begins to form. Once they have it, they’ll strike. And very few people see it coming.

Perhaps you have already been advised of your rights. Perhaps your documents or financial records have already been subpoenaed. Or perhaps you may have already aided federal law enforcement without even knowing it. If law enforcement has approached you related to:

  • Documents or files in your possession
  • Individuals you are connected to or had business dealings with
  • Requests to enter your home or any of your properties
  • Requests for statements and other information

…then they are likely closing in on you with an eye towards a complaint or arrest warrant.

Bilecki Law Group offers pre-indictment representation because we understand how preparation paves the way for a winning strategy. For example, with a strong pre-indictment defense, you may be able to:

Avoid prosecution altogether: It is possible to avoid prosecution completely if the defense discovers evidence or testimony that undermines or even destroys the prosecution’s case against you. This could save you an incredible amount of time, money and frustration. Independently investigate the case: If you are being investigated by the FBI, they do not suspect you of being innocent, and they are not looking for evidence to exonerate you. You need your own independent investigator with as much or more law enforcement experience than the agents who are investigating you. Prepare a much stronger trial strategy: Winning strategies are not created on the fly, days before a trial. They take time, effort, and manpower. Bilecki & Tipon LLLC has vast resources at our disposal. But to make the best use of these resources, the advantage goes to those who start as early as possible. 

It pays to be prepared. If you’re a suspect in a federal investigation, contact our law firm as soon as possible to ensure the best possible outcome in your trial.

The People of Hawaii Trust Bilecki Law Group to Deliver Aggressive and Hard-Hitting Pre-Indictment Representation

A felony conviction in a US District court often incurs some of the harshest sentencing of any criminal offense. These high-risk trials could cost you everything if you do not take the right precautions beforehand.

Worst case sentencing for a felony crime include:

  • Life in prison
  • Significant monetary fines
  • Federal sexual offender registration

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of what a felony charge can do to your future. Careers can be destroyed, families can be broken apart, and reputations can be shattered, all because of criminal accusations which you may or may not have had anything to do with.

Federal Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Bilecki Law Group, PLLC Fight for Your Rights in Federal Court

You may not be absolutely certain the federal government has you in its crosshairs. But the risks are too great to ignore and a conviction could be the end of your life as you know it. Being prepared means you have leverage over the feds and you have resources to secure a better outcome in court.

Bilecki Law Group has been representing our clients during federal pre-indictment for years. We are one of the few law firms in the state of Hawaii with the knowledge, the manpower, and the experience to fight back against the overwhelming resources of the federal government.

So why have so many clients trusted Bilecki Law Group to represent them in court?

  • We understand federal investigations: Bilecki Law Group has successfully represented clients during ongoing federal investigations. We know how to keep law enforcement honest and we make sure that evidence and witnesses testified that’s in your favor doesn’t “disappear.”
  • We independently investigate your case: The government wants you to stay unrepresented for as long as possible, and then strike when they’re ready. Securing representation early means your defense attorneys have the time to conduct their own independent investigation and obtain evidence that assists in winning your case.
  • We can secure a more favorable court outcome: If federal charges are leveled against you, we can act much faster to prepare a successful court strategy. With the groundwork already firmly in place, we stand a far greater chance of securing a positive outcome during the trial.

Preparation could be the difference between a conviction and total exoneration. Do not hesitate a minute longer. Contact Bilecki Law Group TODAY for a confidential consultation

FAQ's About Pre-Indictment Representation

If I Hire an Attorney, Doesn’t That Make Me Look Guilty?

Law Enforcement may tell you that it makes you look guilty. But this is just a ploy to buy time and ensure you remain unrepresented for as long as possible. The reality is that law enforcement already thinks you are guilty.

You have a right to an attorney before speaking with law enforcement if you are a criminal suspect in a case. Invoke those rights. Even if there is a perception that you may “look guilty” it is always better to look guilty than to be found guilty

What is a Grand Jury?

The final decision to prosecute a federal criminal case rests with a grand jury. A federal grand jury is comprised of randomly selected citizens from across the judicial district. (This judicial district encompasses the entire State of Hawaii.) Those selected to serve on the grand jury do so for a few days each month for approximately one year, after which a new grand jury is selected by the Federal District Court.

What is a Grand Jury?

If a grand jury issues an indictment if it finds probable cause that the suspect committed the alleged offense. The Indictment is called a True Bill. If the grand jury does not find sufficient probable cause, it returns a No Bill.

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