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Bring a Gunslinger to a Gunfight

Given the extraordinary emphasis on sexual assault prevention in the military, can an accused service member still get a fair shot at trial?  

The answer is yes.

But, only if you fight back with everything that you have and do whatever possible to level the playing field. Today, sexual assault prosecutions are being ordered at the highest levels of the government and military command, from General Officer oversight, to Congressional Inquiries, to the President of the United States. 

The problem is that today, any allegation of sexual assault, no matter how bogus or how ridiculous, is being charged and brought to trial.

It doesn’t matter that there is evidence that the alleged victim lied about what happened, that they had a motive to fabricate the allegation, or that the allegations are just plain false.

Innocent service members are being prosecuted–and wrongfully convicted–week in and week out in the military. These service members are simply pawns for commanders to show that they are “taking a stand” and “winning the war on sexual assault,” regardless of the guilt or innocence of the accused.  You are in grave danger of losing everything if you’re found guilty.

Your military career. Your civilian reputation. Your freedoms. Nothing is guaranteed. Everything is on the line.

  • Would you allow a novice lawyer in the JAG Corps to gamble away years of your life in a single hand against veteran JAG “poker players” who know how to work the system and spin the truth?
  • How devastating would it be to be named on a sex offender list? To be denied your dream home because the entire neighborhood revolted against your presence? To not be able to walk your dog out of embarrassment of being seen in public?
  • After a guilty verdict, you will be branded a sexual pervert and criminal. What will your friends and family think? Even if they tell you’re “innocent,” will they really believe you? Will your wife believe you? Will your children?

Bilecki & Tipon have seen cases where the alleged victim has recanted and the case still went to trial.

We have seen cases where the alleged victim has been caught lying, but the case still went to trial. We have seen cases where the alleged victim committed a crime and the accused did nothing wrong, and the case still went to trial.

We have seen cases where the accused has passed multiple polygraphs, yet the case still went to trial.  

Even worse, in cases that shouldn’t go to trial but do, the government stacks the deck to win at all costs. The government often uses underhanded law enforcement tactics to obtain coerced confessions, fail to test potentially exculpatory forensic evidence, routinely deny defense experts and other witnesses, and bring 3 and even 4 experienced lawyers to prosecute the case while an accused service member is assigned just one, who is often inexperienced.

Make no mistake, a trial is a fight, and you can’t bring a knife to a gunfight and expect to win. You need to bring a gun, and it needs to be in the hands of a gunslinger

A Passion for Winning

The court martial attorneys at Bilecki & Tipon travel worldwide to defend military clients and primarily focus on defending sex crimes, financial fraud, international drug trafficking, and other violent criminal offenses.

Bilecki & Tipon has the distinction of having contested well over 200 cases to verdict in front of juries in military courts, with unparalleled results.

Our team includes some of the best trial attorneys to come out of the JAG Corps, a full time investigator who is a retired Las Vegas Police Department detective and reserve Marine Corps CID agent, and an incredibly dedicated and passionate support staff. 

We believe in the mantra that “you are the average of the five people you associate with most.”  All the members of the firm have an unbridled passion for winning, and the results to back it up.

A soldier looking down sadly

We are not a discount law firm.  However, if your case involves serious court-martial charges, complex and seemingly overwhelming evidence, or if you simply need the best defense available, Bilecki & Tipon can take on your cause.

Advocating Your Story of Innocence.

Without question, a service member accused of a crime under the UCMJ has a high and treacherous mountain to climb in order to be exonerated.  Retaining the right legal team can mean the difference between years in prison and exoneration.  In the face of allegations of rape, sexual assault, or any other sex crime under the UCMJ, you need a law firm with not just experience and credentials, but also with an unrelenting passion for winning.

Bilecki & Tipon has seen far too many false or unfounded allegations result in formal charges and subsequent convictions.  The Bilecki & Tipon team will neither tolerate nor permit railroading by the government.  We will fully investigate your case and zealously advocate your story of innocence.

If you are serious about fighting the charges against you, contact a defense lawyer at Bilecki & Tipon to discuss all of your options. (808) 745-1041

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