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You’ve served honorably as a member of the United States Armed Forces. You’ve given years of your life in service to your country. But that service now means nothing in the face of sexual offense allegations made against you by another service member.

You may be stunned and reeling from recent sexual assault allegations. This is exactly how they hope to find you. Your shock makes you an easy target. Your assumptions that your innocence will save you put you in the most dangerous situation of your entire life.

If you feel like a criminal before you’ve even set foot in a courtroom, you’re not alone. Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC has seen hundreds of honorable service members stripped of their ranks, reputations, time, money and freedom. Many believed their innocence would save them. But facts can be manipulated, witnesses can lie, and ambitious men and women can rise if the “correct” verdict is made in court.

Your Innocence Will Not Protect You.
The Truth Can Be Manipulated Against You.

No matter how baseless the accusations are that are made against you. No matter how much the evidence points to your innocence. No matter how pristine your reputation may be prior to the charges. You are in grave danger of losing everything if you’re found guilty in a sexual assault case, including rape or sexual abuse with a minor.

Your military career. Your civilian reputation. Your freedoms. Nothing is guaranteed. Everything is on the line.

  • Would you allow a novice lawyer in the JAG Corps to gamble away years of your life in a single hand against veteran JAG “poker players” who know how to work the system and spin the truth?
  • How devastating would it be to be named on a sex offender list? To be denied your dream home because the entire neighborhood revolted against your presence? To not be able to walk your dog out of embarrassment of being seen in public?
  • After a guilty verdict, you will be branded a sexual pervert and criminal. What will your friends and family think? Even if they tell you’re “innocent,” will they really believe you? Will your wife believe you? Will your children?

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A guilty verdict will always be with you, a dark shadow at your side for the rest of your life. A Not Guilty verdict is priceless by comparison. Bilecki & Tipon has secured countless Not Guilty verdicts for sexual assault cases, perhaps more than any other court-martial law firm in America.

Do right by your future and contact us TODAY and make up your own mind about what’s truly at stake in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEXUAL ASSAULT

They say they have DNA evidence against me. Do I even stand a chance?

Absolutely you do. When it comes to sex offenses, the defense’s goal is to take the prosecution’s current DNA evidence and turn it on its head, using it to our advantage. What the prosecution may claim is rock solid evidence–your DNA–may actually be used to exonerate you. We’re capable of hiring our own DNA experts to review and explain the evidence against you and to perform our own tests on evidence found at the crime scene.

When should I contact and hire a lawyer experienced in sexual assault defense?

As soon as possible. The earlier you contact an experienced military sexual assault defense lawyer, the better chance you have to avoid conviction and imprisonment.

At Bilecki & Tipon LLLC, our toll-free number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we accept calls from anywhere in the world.

Our military defense attorneys available to handle emergency consultations during the critical first hours of a serious criminal incident. This immediate intervention from an experienced military criminal defense attorney can have a profoundly positive impact on the case.

I’m 100% not guilty. Shouldn’t that be enough to guarantee a Not Guilty verdict in my sexual assault case?

You’d like to think so, but this is far from likely. The truth does provide some leverage in a courtroom setting, but truth by itself guarantees nothing. Anybody can manipulate the truth. Experienced JAG prosecutors do this extremely well because they’re practiced at it.

So even if there’s proof of your innocence or, at the very least, no evidence of your guilt, it simply isn’t enough. And think about it. If the military has preferred charges against you, they have already convicted you in their mind; they believe you are guilty and will do their best to ensure a jury does the same. In today’s culture of SHARP / SAPR and the war on sexual assault, innocence is not enough.

So the real question becomes, are you willing to accept the risk that they DO have something on you and be caught completely unaware on your court date?

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