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Norfolk Navy Base, situated in Norfolk, Virginia, plays an essential role as a premier training and readiness center for the Navy. It stands as a cornerstone for honing sailors' skills and ensuring operational excellence.

Defending Soldiers' Rights

Hampton Roads Is The Brain Trust of the Navy And Home To Prime Time Court Martial Activity

Naval Station Norfolk in Hampton Roads is a critical nerve center of the U.S. Navy, boasting the largest concentration of Command Headquarters and aircraft carriers in the fleet. Given its strategic significance, court martials held here often involve high-ranking personnel, indicative of the base’s pivotal role in naval operations. Despite the spotlight typically shining on officers, enlisted Sailors like James Williams have equally illustrious careers at stake. Williams, among the Navy’s most decorated enlisted men, demonstrated exceptional valor in Vietnam, leading to his Medal of Honor despite facing overwhelming odds in battle.

In 1966, Williams’s extraordinary bravery was tested when he engaged in a fierce battle against a multitude of enemy sampans and junks in the Mekong Delta, despite being heavily outnumbered and lacking air cover. His steadfast resolve and tactical acumen in the face of adversity not only saved his patrol boat but also averted what could have been a disastrous outcome for American forces. Despite the risks involved, Williams chose to confront the enemy head-on, showcasing the unwavering commitment and courage that epitomizes the spirit of the U.S. Navy.

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Combatting UCMJ Misuse

What Types of UCMJ Charges Does Bilicki Defend?

A career is not only on the line during combat command decisions. A career can be on the line when either a misapplication of the UCMJ takes place or a command is looking for a scapegoat to punish. Never forget that all the Admirals walking around Hampton Roads worked hard for their careers and they may not be quick to see their career ruined when they can pass the buck to a junior officer. As it pertains to charges we see coming out of Hampton Roads, we see much of the following.

  1. Sex Offenses (UCMJ Article 120 & 134): Amidst the vibrant party scene, allegations of sex offenses can surge, affecting soldiers unjustly. True justice for victims doesn’t mean wrongfully ending innocent careers.
  2. Fraud and Larceny (UCMJ Article 121): We tackle cases from wrongful appropriation to BAH fraud, understanding that often, what’s missing isn’t stolen but misplaced, arguing that errors shouldn’t destroy careers.
  3. Assault and Violent Crime (UCMJ Article 128): Defending against serious accusations, we emphasize the right to contest charges in court, regardless of the situation’s gravity or the mistake made.
  4. Drug Crimes (UCMJ Article 112a): With marijuana legalization conflicting with military regulations, we challenge the justice system’s handling of drug-related cases, advocating for fair treatment.
  5. Military Specific Offenses (UCMJ Articles 77-134): Addressing charges from AWOL to conduct unbecoming, we fight for those who’ve erred, pushing against the military’s often unforgiving stance on mistakes.
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Protect Your Future: Fight UCMJ Charges

Command Decisions Come With Risk And Reward

In early 2020, Captain Brett Crozier faced a challenging decision aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt during the COVID-19 outbreak, leading to his dismissal after pleading for intervention to save his Sailors. Similarly, in Vietnam, James Williams demonstrated exceptional valor, receiving recognition for his bravery. These instances underscore the risks and rewards inherent in command decisions within the military. Whether facing accolades or adversity, officers and enlisted personnel alike require knowledgeable advocates to navigate UCMJ charges and safeguard their careers.

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