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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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South Korea Court Martial Defense

At Bilecki Law Group, we believe the Korean Peninsula is home to our finest and they deserve the best military court martial defense available. We fly in hard-hitting attorneys from the United States and take the fight right to the heart of the prosecution.

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Anytime the military justice system comes looking for you, you’ve got a fight on your hands. When you’ve got trouble with the UCMJ while stationed in Korea, the prosecution is going to ask you to fight that fight with two hands tied behind your back. Military leadership is more concerned with international relations and Korean public sentiment than they are with pursuing the truth. They are going to try to destroy you, innocence be damned. 

The prosecution knows that you are thousands of miles from home and they will play that to their advantage. They’ll make it seem like a free JAG defense attorney is your only option because they know that JAG attorney is just as concerned with their own military career as your own. Military investigators will play loose with the truth and turn a blind eye to evidence which would otherwise exonerate you. Then, when it comes time for sentencing, they make a public example out of you to scare others into compliance. 

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You Cannot Coexist With A Military Justice System That Is Out To Destroy You!

Just a few of the injustices we are seeing coming out of Korea right include the following:

Baited and Betrayed

Military law enforcement in Korea is actively engaged in the ethically dubious practice of baiting service members to commit crimes. They claim they are just trying to “clean up the rosters” of bad apples when, in reality, they are coxing service members to commit crimes they would not have otherwise. What started out as a fun night out in the Ville has now turned into a nightmare because they baited innocent men and women. It’s not right and it’s not justice.

Harsh Judgments, Stolen Valor

Sentences of military personnel in Korea have become borderline cruel and unusual. Six months from retirement? Screw you buddy, we’re taking it away. Two Purple Hearts and a storied career? Tell it to your celly in a military prison. Commands in Korea are so worried about public sentiment that they will destroy you with harsh punishments just to appease the local population. Even if they can’t get a conviction, they’ll end your career anyway through administrative processes.

Isolation as a Weapon

Maximizing the demoralizing effect of your isolation. They know you are thousands of miles away from home and seemingly anyone who cares about you. Military investigators are using emotional leverage in order to get you to admit guilt before you’ve had a chance to speak with an experienced attorney. As far as they are concerned, the entire Korean peninsula is one big interrogation room where anything goes and they make it seem like no one is coming to save the day.

They are wrong! Bilecki has made it his personal mission to ensure military personnel overseas have access to the best military court martial defense available. You stand ready on the front lines of the world to fight for our freedom. Bilecki will fight for yours.

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How To Fight Back And Win Against A Military Court Martial In South Korea

In 1951 on Heartbreak Ridge, Korea, Herbert K. Pililaau, out of ammunition, bravely fought North Korean forces with rocks and a trench knife, ultimately falling after a heroic stand that left 40 enemies dead around him. His courage inspires our legal strategy, which emphasizes fighting back against the military justice system’s high conviction rates with tenacity and skilled counsel from the United States, showcasing a determination to contest every charge.

Timothy Bilecki, leveraging his experience as a Senior Defense Counsel in South Korea, understands the challenges within the military justice system. Motivated to support those facing its complexities, Bilecki’s firm employs a dedicated team of investigators and legal experts to level the playing field against military prosecutors, aiming for the best outcomes for our clients. This approach mirrors Pililaau’s unwavering spirit, proving that resilience in the face of adversity can lead to significant victories.


FAQs About Military Court Martial Defense In South Korea

Bilecki Law Group is located in Tampa, Florida, but we’ve made the entire world our AOR. It’s been our experience that when overseas prosecutors see that you’ve flown in hard-hitting counsel from the United States that they know they now have a fight on their hands.

Damn straight we will and when we arrive in South Korea we’ll show you the stamps in our passport to prove it. For decades now, service members have flown in Bilecki because of his reputation of knowing how to fight back and win. When prosecutors see that we’re on the case they know immediately that this will be no easy win for them. 

We take the cases that others deem unwinnable or undesirable to defend because know that in the era of Sexual Assault / Harassment and Prevention (SHARP) (SAPR) that a large number of the cases are absolute nonsense. Good men and women are having their lives ruined through the misapplication of this campaign in Europe and we stand by their side ready to fight back.

Well, that’s not a helpful position to be in, but we know how military investigators play upon your isolation in South Korea and scare you into an admission. Give us a call. Reach out to us and we’ll shoot you straight on what you are facing. There is still time to fight back. There is still time to secure for yourself the best possible outcome. Don’t let them take everything from you. 

“If you play the game by their rules and on their battlefield, you’ve got an exceptionally low chance of winning. Don’t play by their rules. Give them the last thing they were looking for... a FIGHT!”

- Timothy J. Bilecki


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Yes! Bilecki Law Group is committed to a worldwide practice, specializing in cases across the Pacific region, including Hawaii, Guam, Korea, and Japan. Our extensive experience in these areas underscores our dedication to providing expert legal services on a global scale.

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