Larceny & Financial Fraud in the Military

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You’ve been left reeling over accusations made by the U.S. military implicating you in crimes of larceny and financial fraud.

You’re told that the evidence against you leaves no doubts about your guilt. To make matters worse, no allies have come forward to help you make sense of these charges. Despite having served honorably in America’s armed forces, you’re now officially branded a criminal—before your trial has even started. Make no assumptions regarding the evidence that the government has against you:

  • Should you assume the worst, your case is as good as lost. You’ll confess your alleged crimes or sign a terrible plea deal without ever putting up a fight.
  • Should you assume the best, your overconfidence could leave you terribly underprepared for an onslaught of government evidence against you, forcing you to accept the first plea deal that comes your way.

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We Defend Service Members against All Forms of Larceny and Financial Fraud in the United States Military

 The threat to your military career and civilian future should be both clear and present. You may be facing:

  • Criminal charges that could lead to a dishonorable discharge from the military and even incarceration. BAH Fraud cases, in particular, are often taken to general courts-martial.
  • A mountain of debt that must be paid back to the federal government. This debt could suffocate you for years and years, making it almost impossible to afford your dream home or even pay for a used car.
  • The dragging through the dirt of your reputation. Law enforcement is more than happy to tarnish your reputation to ensure other service members understand the punishment of larceny and fraud in the military.
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Bilecki Law Group is often the last line of defense you have against an enemy that wishes to publicly shame you and put you behind bars. You owe it to yourself to contact us TODAY and speak with one of our expert military defense attorneys. We represent clients worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Larceny & Fraud

Which Punitive Articles of the UCMJ Govern Larceny and Fraud?

Larceny and fraud are very broad categories that cover many different crimes. Most of these crimes are identified under Article 121 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Larceny, wrongful appropriation, embezzlement and other forms of theft are covered under Article 121. Certain other articles of the UCMJ are also tied to theft in some fashion. Article 122 covers robberies, while Article 123 governs forgeries.

Do Larceny and Fraud Cases Proceed to a General Court-Martial Often?

Larceny and fraud are considered serious offenses by the U.S. military. Unlike minor drug charges which may only incur a slap on the wrist via administrative board, larceny and fraud are commonly greenlighted for general courts-martial. If this is true in your case, you cannot risk bringing an inexperienced attorney to fight for you in court.

Court Martial Defense For Larceny & Financial Fraud

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