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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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Japan Court Martial Defense

At Bilecki Law Group, we believe the Japanese Islands are home to some of our finest forward deployed troops and they deserve the best military court martial defense available. We fly in hard-hitting attorneys from the United States and take the fight right to the heart of the prosecution.

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Defeating military prosecutors who boast an exceptionally high conviction rate is no easy affair. If you are under investigation or facing court martial then you can count on the fact that commands are looking to make a public example out of you. Now, take that reality and multiply it by a factor of 50 if you are stationed anywhere on in Japan, which includes Okinawa. Charges that wouldn’t see the light of day stateside are absolutely destroying the lives of otherwise good men and women stationed in Japan right now.

Local public opposition to the U.S. presence in Japan is exacerbated every time a drunk Marine gets in a fight in a local bar. The protests come out in force when any service member is accused of rape, robbery, or murder and commands have now figured out a way to quiet the natives. That is to absolutely destroy your life in a remarkably public fashion via the UCMJ and they are getting really good at it. What’s worse is that they’ve realized destroying an innocent service member’s life is just as effective as destroying a guilty one.

If you are facing an investigation or court martial in Japan right now, you better get ready for a fight. Military investigators and prosecutors know that you are thousands of miles away from home and they are going to make you feel that admitting guilt is the only way to get back home. They prey upon your isolation and when you expect some mercy in return, they roll over you without so much as acknowledging you were ever there. Do not admit guilt in Japan without first talking to an experienced military court martial defense attorney.

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You Cannot Coexist With A Military Justice System That Is Out To Destroy You!

Just a few of the injustices we are seeing coming out of Japan right include the following and it starts before the alleged crime was even committed:

Crime Baiting in Japan's Military

Japanese military law enforcement uses controversial tactics to provoke service members into crimes they wouldn't normally commit, aiming to preemptively weed out potential threats. This strategy, which places young soldiers in unforeseen ethical tests and penalizes their missteps, raises serious ethical and justice concerns.

Guilt Tactics in Military Justice

Maximizing the effect of the isolation from friends and family in order to get you to admit guilt is something we would expect from a Japanese POW camp. We don’t expect the military justice system officials to be so hell bent on getting an easy win to put psychological pressure on men and women who are there to defend this very nationю

Disproportionate Sentences for PR

Issuing excessively harsh sentences for minor alleged crimes aims to satisfy public opinion, betraying service members' expectations of fairness. Such disproportionate penalties, often for PR purposes, disregard both troop welfare and mission success.

Unproven Allegations and Career Ruin

Ruining your life and career, even when they don’t have enough evidence to prefer charges. They are so desperate to look tough on matters like sexual misconduct that even if they can’t bring charges they will end your career through administrative actions. Again, innocence be damned.

Bilecki has made it his personal mission to ensure military personnel overseas in Japan and Okinawa have access to the best military court martial defense available. You stand ready on the front lines of the world to fight for our freedom. Bilecki will fight for yours.

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How To Fight Back And Win Against A Military Court Martial In Japan and Okinawa

Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, a legendary Marine and Medal of Honor recipient, unexpectedly found his health improving during his time as a POW in Japan, a stark contrast to his hard-partying lifestyle. Upon returning, he was celebrated by his Marines and featured in LIFE Magazine, marking a memorable moment in Marine Corps history. However, the modern military’s strict regulations under the UCMJ suggest that a figure like Pappy would struggle today. This narrative serves as a reminder that facing charges does not reflect one’s entire military career, emphasizing the need for readiness to defend oneself, particularly in Japan where leniency is scarce.

For years, service members have trusted Bilecki to defend them in Japan, drawn by his reputation for aggressive defense tactics against the prosecution. Bilecki’s approach is a direct challenge to the prosecution’s efforts and the military justice system, aiming to disrupt their high conviction rates. His readiness to battle for his clients promises the possibility of outcomes once thought unattainable, highlighting the importance of fighting back, regardless of the situation.


FAQs About Military Court Martial Defense In Japan

Bilecki Law Group is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, but we’ve made the entire world our AOR. We’re a global military court martial defense team that flies in heavy-hitting attorneys from the United States to defend our troops overseas. 

We’ve made well over 50 trips to Japan for over a decade now and we don’t expect to stop anytime soon. Not as long as those who stand on the front lines of freedom are experiencing the injustices that we are seeing coming out of Japan. We’ve got extensive experience in navigating the intricacies of local civil and military law.

We take the cases that others deem unwinnable or undesirable to defend because know that in the era of Sexual Harassment/Assault and Prevention (SHARP) that a large number of the cases are absolute bullshit. Good men and women are having their lives ruined through the misapplication of this campaign and we stand by their side ready to fight back.

Well, that’s not a helpful position to be in, but we know how military investigators play upon your isolation in Japan and scare you into an admission. Give us a call. Reach out to us and we’ll shoot you straight on what you are facing. There is still time to fight back. There is still time to secure for yourself the best possible outcome. Don’t let them take everything from you.

“If you play the game by their rules and on their battlefield, you’ve got an exceptionally low chance of winning. Don’t play by their rules. Give them the last thing they were looking for... a FIGHT!”

- Timothy J. Bilecki

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