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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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Fort Shafter, HI
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Fort Shafter, Hawaii, functions as a critical hub for U.S. Army Pacific Command, blending varied cultural and professional perspectives. It supports vital missions including command and control, strategic planning, and logistical support, playing a key role in the defense posture and operational readiness in the Pacific region.

Defending Soldiers' Rights

Fort Shafter Has Become A Military Court Martial Factory Thanks To U.S. Army Pacific Command

Fort Shafter, nestled as the headquarters of U.S. Army Pacific Command, boasts a constellation of senior officers and bedecks uniforms with stacks of chevrons, akin to grains of sand on its beaches. Yet, this abundance of authority poses a perilous environment for soldiers entangled in UCMJ issues; a sneeze awry might summon a general to charge one with conduct unbecoming. In such tempestuous seas, the Bilecki Law Group navigates, tirelessly defending the careers, retirements, and freedoms of Fort Shafter’s elite. Our commitment echoes through history, resonating with the gallant but forgotten stand of Lt. General Wainwright, who, despite valorous defense, faced the specter of betrayal and injustice.

The tension between valor and betrayal, epitomized in Wainwright’s saga, underscores our mission. While we confront injustices at all echelons, from privates to flag officers, the essence of our fight remains constant: upholding fairness in the face of arbitrariness. Like Wainwright’s struggle for recognition, we combat pride and arrogance, ensuring the UCMJ serves as a beacon of discipline, not a tool for personal vendettas. From the shores of Fort Shafter to the vast expanses of the Pacific, we stand vigilant against moral wrongs, advocating for justice with every case we undertake.

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Fort Shafter

Combatting UCMJ Misuse

What Types Of UCMJ Charges Do We Defend Out of Fort Shafter?

As it pertains to the type of charges we defend, you’ll quickly see that we don’t shy away from a tough challenge any more than Wainwright tried to get out of defending Corregidor. We understand that the military justice system mandates that you receive a staunch military court martial defense and we show up to do our duty. What’s even better, is that we win far more often than we lose. In fact, we’d put our stats up against any other military court martial defense attorney in the game. Below you’ll find some examples of the charges we defend and just not that this list is not comprehensive.

  1. UCMJ Articles 120 & 134 (Sex Offenses): Allegations treated as facts threaten careers amidst Army’s sexual assault reckoning. Innocence demands a fight.
  2. UCMJ Article 121 (Fraud and Larceny): BAH fraud common in costly Hawaii; innocent mistakes or financial struggles have untold narratives. Don’t surrender without a fight.
  3. UCMJ Article 128 (Assault and Violent Crime): Defending service members against serious charges, ensuring career continuity despite UCMJ’s harshness. Every fighter counts in Pacific’s rising threats.
  4. UCMJ Article 112a (Drug Crimes): Even senior officers entangled; unjust treatment akin to treason. Fighting for each soldier’s story and future. You can win.
  5. Punitive Articles of the UCMJ 77-134 (Military Specific Offenses): Maintaining discipline essential but inconsistently enforced. Don’t fall victim to politics; fight charges while you still stand tall in your career.
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Protect Your Future: Fight UCMJ Charges

Private or General, The Answer Is Still to Fight

Lt. General Wainwright’s Medal of Honor underscores the valor of every soldier. When career or freedom is at stake, fighting the UCMJ is paramount. Founder Tim Bilecki’s aggressive defense ensures justice. Whether Private or General, don’t underestimate the system’s impact. Reach out for a free consultation to fight for what matters most.

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