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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

Spice And Synthetic Drugs

At Bilecki Law Group, We believe every service member has earned their right to an aggressive defense on their day in court. We specialize in taking the fight to the prosecution and winning cases that others said were unwinnable.

Protect Your Career with a Court Martial Attorney

You’ve been accused of the use or distribution of spice or other synthetic drugs by law enforcement in the U.S. military. The government claims they have irrefutable evidence confirming your guilt. They believe they have a case against you and will stop at nothing to convict you.

  • Do not assume the government will go easy on you. Even simple possession cases have been known to go to a court-martial. Your rank, your military career, and your freedom are at risk.
  • You could be prosecuted under Article 112aof the UCMJ for crimes of intent to distribute spice or other synthetic drugs. You could be forced out of the military with a dishonorable discharge.
  • A general court-martial could bring criminal charges against you that could land you in prison for years.

Service members accused of the use, possession or distribution of spice and other synthetic drugs often make assumptions about their case that end up destroying their careers. A single call to Bilecki Law Group will help you determine exactly what you’re up against. Consult Bilecki Law Group by calling (813) 669-3500.

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The Use of Spice and Other Synthetic Drugs Has Exploded

The use of Spice and other synthetic drugs are skyrocketing.

Service members are all but guaranteed to come across these drugs during their time in the Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, the government attempts to curb their use through harsher punishment and more convictions. And still it hasn’t halted the rise of new synthetic drugs.

There are many reasons why service members are now heavily invested in spice and other synthetic drugs:

  • These substances can be purchased at head shops and even gas stations if you know how to ask for it and where to look. This leads to confusion over their legality.
  • Spice and other synthetic drugs use chemicals that go under the radar of most drug tests. If the government is lax about testing for them, how illegal could they be?
  • They’re in rampant use across all branches of the Armed Forces. This leads to a culture where its use is both commonplace and casual.

Knowing where you stand on your case and what you’re really up against should be your first priority. Bilecki Law Group has been fighting and winning cases involving drug crimes for years. Contact us today!

Synthetic Drugs
Weed spice

Legal or Illegal? The Ongoing Case of Synthetic Drug Use in the Military

Confusion over the use of Spice and other synthetic drugs is not uncommon. Its adoption as an illegal substance by the DEA only came about in 2011. Many of you have been around long enough to remember when substances like Spice or K2 were totally legal.
Despite the recent shift in legality of these drugs, the government has wasted no time clamping down on their use. Meanwhile, the evolution of synthetic drugs often puts them one step ahead of the law. It is almost impossible to know which synthetic drug compounds are legal, and which aren’t.

This legal gray area has important implications for anyone accused of the use of Spice and other synthetic drugs in the military. Prosecutors must prove that the service member knowingly used or sold an illegal substance or that they violated an applicable general order prohibiting the substances. In many cases, this is not easy to determine:

  • Not all chemical compounds found in synthetic drugs are illegal.
  • In some cases, synthetic drugs can be purchased at local stores, which adds to the confusion over their legality.
  • The wide use of these substances makes them easy to come across. The possibility of accidentally ingesting such a substance is not unheard of.
  • Many of the General Orders prohibiting Spice and other synthetic drugs are poorly written and subject to attack.

We Fight Back Hard Against Spice and Synthetic Drug Charges.

Regardless of whether you were snagged in a sting operation, caught red handed or found yourself a victim of an illegal search and seizure by military law enforcement, Bilecki Law Group knows how to fight the evidence against you and win your case.

A few of the stunning upsets by the defense attorneys at Bilecki Law Group, click here.

Bilecki Law Group has fought and won cases involving the use and distribution of Spice and other synthetic drugs based on these factors alone. One call to our office could clear you of all charges and give you a fresh start.

UCMJ Article 87b

Frequently Asked Questions About Spice and Synthetic Drugs

The most common urinalysis tests do not test for synthetic drugs. That’s one of the reasons they’ve become so popular.

However, the military has been known to randomly select service members for different kinds of drug tests. Some tests can, in fact, identify illegal substances found in synthetic drugs. But none of these tests are perfect. All of them have the potential to make mistakes.

We’ve seen simple possession charges that were brought to an administrative separation board. More serious cases of possession or distribution can easily become a general court-martial. Worst case scenario? You could have criminal charges brought against you, leading to jail time and the loss of all military benefits. You will almost certainly be punitively discharged from the military. Prison time typically ranges from several months to several years, depending on the severity of the case. The Service Members that contact us understand that this will ruin their future. Not just their military future—their civilian future as well. If you’re at all confused over what to expect with your case, contact us today.

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