Procurement Card Fraud in the Military

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You have without warning become the target of a government investigation into procurement card fraud. Law enforcement claims you’ve made illegal purchases with the card, and your records will be subject to an audit. 

And if that audit of your card yields evidence against you, you could be facing criminal charges of fraud:

  • Procurement card fraud can be charged as a criminal offense. Your military career is not the only thing at risk. Jail time is a distinct possibility.
  • You may be forced by the US Government to repay every penny of the misappropriated funds. This can leave some service members drowning in debt for years.
  • Should the court-martial go against you, your military benefits will be taken from you, as will your rank and freedom. You will be branded a criminal and could be dishonorably discharged.

I’ve Been Accused of Procurement Card Fraud. Now What?

Assume nothing about the evidence in your case. Talk to no one regarding the purchases on your card. Hire the best possible defense attorneys to defend you against the allegations.

The government will almost certainly attempt to bring criminal charges against you. The military, in an attempt to curb fraudulent activity, has been cracking down on members of the Armed Forces that abuse their P-Cards. Those that are caught are aggressively pursued and dragged to general courts-martial. 

A proper defense is imperative. Hiring a court-martial defense attorney as soon as possible is critical because it allows us to perform our own forensic review of the electronic paper trail. Waiting too long allows the government more time to build their case against you, which can be devastating to your chances of securing a not-guilty verdict.

Never gamble away your freedoms on an inexperienced defense attorney. Hiring Bilecki & Tipon today will give you the strongest defense possible in your case against procurement card fraud.

Defending Service Members and Contractors against Procurement Card Fraud

Bilecki & Tipon understands fraud cases and has been successfully defended service members accused of procurement card fraud for years. Our defense strategy often relies on a few essential elements:

  • We’ll look into how the government flagged your account. credit cards and a keyboardHas all the evidence been obtained legally? Wasanything illegal about how they proceeded with their audit?
  • Procurement card purchases aren’t always clear cut. You may have purchased items with the full intent of using them in the service of the US Government. Our own forensic investigation into the electronic records may provide enough evidence to exonerate you.
  • Is the amount of fraudulent purchases large enough to warrant a general court-martial? We may be able to convince the government to either drop charges outright or proceed instead with an administrative action.
There are many ways we can defend you. But it is ultimately your decision whether you want to defend yourself. Hiring Bilecki & Tipon tells the government loud and clear: “I will not go down without a fight.”

Bilecki & Tipon Proudly Represents Service Members Accused of Procurement Card Fraud

Allegations of procurement card fraud are rampant in today’s military. Hiring a defense team with a history of winning fraud and procurement card fraud cases is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. 

Beat the evidence and the odds. Hire Bilecki & Tipon and win against procurement card fraud.  Call us today at 808-745-1041.

What Is Procurement Card Fraud?

Procurement cards are a form of debt cards issued by the U.S. government to service members to facilitate the purchase of goods and services. When procurement cards are used for goods and services that aren’t related to military expenditures, the government may charge service members with procurement card fraud.

How Does the Government Spot Procurement Card Fraud?

Procurement card expenditures can be flagged by auditors under certain conditions. For example, increased spending activity can flag a card. Or the purchase of items at a specific store or location. A random audit by the federal government may have caught inconsistencies with a service member’s card. Any of these could be potential flags for procurement card fraud.

How Am I Supposed to Know What I Can and Cannot Buy on a Government P-Card?

Government P-Cards, according to the USDA Purchase Card Program, is for “official US Government Purchases Only.” The following situations are just some of the items listed off by the USDA Purchase Card Program:

  • Purchase accountable/sensitive and pilferable property. Cardholders must promptly initiate action to place these items on the property inventory in accordance with USDA and agency procedures.
  • Rental of meeting and conference rooms and storage and other special purpose space to be used on a temporary or short-term basis (up to 180 days), or emergency basis.
  • Pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 3324, payments for subscriptions may be made in advance or receipt of the items provided through the subscription.
  • For warranted contracting personnel, orders within their delegated authority under Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts.
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