Expunction of Criminal Records

Is a Past Arrest Holding You Back from Achieving Your Goals?

You may be able to seal those records away forever—and sooner than you think.

A past arrest or conviction has left a stain on your criminal record which has hounded you for months—perhaps even years.  You may have lost job opportunities over it. You may have had little or no success applying for loans. You may be wondering where it all ends. 

Just how much can one mistake cost you?

It is unfair to expect a person to live like a second class citizen over mistakes he or she made a long time ago.  Yet this kind of thing happens every day, to completely normal people who may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

  • You will have trouble applying for any loan—home, car or personal. 
  • Your job prospects will be severely limited.  Employee background checks will drag up your criminal record again and again.
  • You will be limited in your choice of schooling, and may never get into the college of your dreams

You do not have to pay for the same mistake over and over again.  Contact Bilecki Law Group TODAY and start fighting back against your criminal record. 

How Do I Know if I Qualify for an Expunction?

An expunction is the deletion or destruction of all records of an arrest or conviction of a non-serious criminal offense.  The records will cease to appear on any and all records, and will not show up on background checks of any kind. 

In effect, the arrest never happened. 

That sounds like a dream come true.  But achieving that freedom is not always possible.  For example, eligibility may involve factors such as:

  • Whether the crime had a violent component
  • The type of crime (felony or misdemeanor)
  • Whether or not restitutions have been paid to any victims
  • Whether all community service hours, education programs, or probation periods have been completed
  • Whether you were a minor at the time of the arrest

If, however, you do qualify to have those records expunged, then preparing your case should be your highest priority.  How you prepare your case will depend on the state you live in and the offense in question. But no matter where you live or what crime you were accused of, every successful expunction begins with help from an experienced attorney

Be free of your criminal history forever.  Contact Bilecki Law Group TODAY to begin the expunction process.

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Why Bilecki Law Group Is One of the Most Trusted Names in Criminal Record Expunction

You should not be forced to live your life like a second class citizen because of a slight run-in with the law.  You do not deserve to have your criminal record visible for all to see and have your reputation damaged due to an arrest or a misdemeanor from years and years ago. 

Bilecki Law Group has fought for the expunction of criminal records for countless clients across half a dozen states.  We have taken our client’s cases into state courtrooms and helped them walk out as truly free citizens who can honestly say on any application that no, they have never been arrested or accused of a crime. 

So what makes Bilecki Law Group a great choice for your case?

  • We help you make sense of the expunction process: You want to know with absolute certainty that you are eligible for expunction.  We review your entire case and our attorneys will tell you definitively whether you can apply to have your criminal records deleted.
  • We build a rigorous case to present before the judge: Once we verify your eligibility, we’ll begin the process of preparing your case.  Our expert in-house team will work tirelessly to build the most meticulous and concrete case possible.
  • We tenaciously advocate for you in court: Our attorneys have taken dozens of expunction cases to court and are prepared for any questions or concerns the judge may bring up during the hearing.  

Call Bilecki Law Group and end the nightmare of a criminal record for good.  Contact our law firm today for a free consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When My Records Are Expunged?

Your records are taken out of the location where they are being held and physically destroyed, so they can never be accessed ever again.  When that happens, you can truly say that you have never been arrested or charged with a crime, and you will be telling the honest truth. 

Are There Any Documents I Need to Start the Process?

A good defense attorney can facilitate the collection of all documents pertaining to your expunction.  But the most common documents include:

  • A certificate of eligibility
  • Consent and waiver of hearing
  • A victim checklist
  • Petitioner’s reply

Other documents may also be required depending on your state.  Contact our law offices to find out exactly what you’ll need to get started. 

Where Is Bilecki Law Group Located?

Bilecki Law Group is based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.  But we can help expunge criminal records all throughout the Hawaiian Islands. 

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