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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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UK & Europe Court Martial Defense

At Bilecki Law Group, we believe that USEUCOM is home to some of the finest service members America has to offer and they deserve the best court martial defense available. We fly in hard- hitting attorneys to any military installation throughout Europe and we take the fight straight to the heart of the military justice system.

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UK & Europe Base Locations

When you consider the amount of American blood that was spilt on European soil, one could easily conclude that the military bond between the United States and Europe will carry on in perpetuity. Namely, we’ve got too much skin in the game to give up. This means that there will undoubtedly be a continual US military presence in Europe for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this also means that those same personnel may face significant repercussions from USEUCOM’s leadership courtesy of the abuse and misuse of the UCMJ.

Overseas commands are notorious for punishing service members for the slightest infraction of the UCMJ as they are continually worried about local sentiments regarding US troops. What’s worse is that in order to scare the rest of USEUCOM into compliant behavior, the punishment of these troops is often ruinous to their careers and lives. Six months from retirement and someone makes a false allegation against you? Forget your two decades of honorable service and combat deployments, we’ll take you to trial and make sure you never retire.

At Bilecki Law Group, we’ve taken note of these injustices and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to being a global law firm that will fly in heavy-hitting attorneys to any military installation around the world. We know that military prosecutors overseas conduct themselves as bullies taking advantage of the fact that you are thousands of miles away from friends and family. That’s why we give them the last thing any bully wants and is a punch in the mouth. We take the fight straight to the heart of the military justice system and we hold nothing back for your sake.

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You Cannot Coexist With A Military Justice System That Is Out To Destroy You!.

The military justice system does not fight fair and even if you love the military, you have to understand the tactics that they will deploy against you. Here are just a few of the injustices we see on military installations throughout the UK and Europe.

Baiting Tactics by Law Enforcement

European military law enforcement's strategy of enticing service members into committing crimes raises ethical concerns, compromising the principles of justice and fairness.

Misuse of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The strategic exploitation of SHARP and SAPR programs by individuals seeking to avoid service in Europe or divert attention from their own misconduct has resulted in injustice for true victims and damaged the programs' integrity.

Coercive Isolation Practices

The manipulation of service members’ isolation in Europe to force confessions, reminiscent of historical wartime tactics, demonstrates a significant breach of ethical military conduct and a disregard for proper legal defense.

Unwarranted Career Damage

The practice of issuing career-damaging directives, such as GOMORs or administrative separations, without sufficient evidence, reflects a troubling readiness to sacrifice service members’ careers and reputations without just cause.

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Legal Defense for U.S. Troops in Europe & UK

How To Fight Back And Win Against A Military Court Martial In The USA

Drawing inspiration from the heroic actions of Army First Sergeant Leonard Funk in WWII, the Bilecki Law Group mirrors his refusal to surrender in our approach to defense against military prosecution. Like Funk, who masterfully turned a seemingly hopeless situation to his advantage, we employ a mix of negotiation and aggressive legal action to combat the military justice system’s inclination towards high conviction rates. Our tactics are designed to unsettle prosecutors and dismantle their cases, ensuring our clients’ rights are fiercely protected.

Our founder, Tim Bilecki, brings invaluable insight from his tenure as a senior defense counsel within the military justice system, fully aware of the uphill battle faced by the defense. This awareness informs our strategy to not only challenge the prosecution at every turn but to also aggressively cross-examine their witnesses and scrutinize their investigations, ensuring no stone is left unturned in securing the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to a relentless defense has consistently yielded results that far exceed expectations, underscoring our dedication to justice and our clients’ well-being.


FAQs About Military Court Martial Defense In UK & Europe

Bilecki Law Group is located in Tampa, Florida, but we’ve made the entire world our AOR. It’s been our experience that when overseas prosecutors see that you’ve flown in hard-hitting counsel from the United States that they know they now have a fight on their hands.

Absolutely as we are a global military court martial defense firm and we’ve got the passport stamps to prove it. The mission of defending our overseas service members is personal to us because we know how screwed they are if they get an aggressive defense by their side.

We take the cases that others deem unwinnable or undesirable to defend because know that in the era of Sexual Assault / Harassment and Prevention (SHARP) (SAPR) that a large number of the cases are absolute nonsense. Good men and women are having their lives ruined through the misapplication of this campaign in Europe and we stand by their side ready to fight back.

Well, that’s not a helpful position to be in, but we know how military investigators like to take advantage of your isolation in Europe and secure an admission before you get competent defense by your side. Give us a call. Reach out to us and we’ll shoot you straight on what you are facing. There is still time to fight back. There is still time to secure for yourself the best possible outcome. Don’t let them take everything from you.

“If you play the game by their rules and on their battlefield, you’ve got an exceptionally low chance of winning. Don’t play by their rules. Give them the last thing they were looking for... a FIGHT!”

- Timothy J. Bilecki

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