Over 500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔


At Bilecki Law Group, We believe every service member has earned their right to an aggressive defense on their day in court. We specialize in taking the fight to the prosecution and winning cases that others said were unwinnable.

Protect Your Reputation with a Court Martial Lawyer

Have you been branded a thief and a criminal by the United States government?

Prosecutors will claim they have an airtight case against you, a trail of money and paperwork that links you to the crime. They’ll consider criminal charges at a general court-martial. They’ll say they have enough to put you behind bars. They will try to end your military career, including:
  • Stripping you of your rank
  • Causing you to lose your GI benefits
  • Putting you in jail
  • The burden of a dishonorable discharge
You now have a decision to make.
You can lie down and allow the government to set the terms of the deal—a deal that could very well involve criminal charges and a loss of your freedom. OR you could fight back with the help of Bilecki Law Group.

Bilecki Law Group has been fighting for service members accused of larceny and theft by the US military for decades. You deserve an aggressive defense. When given the chance, you always fight back. Contact us to fight back today!

Charges of Larceny and Wrongful Appropriation under Article 121

Article 121 of the UCMJ governs the definitions and details of larceny and theft charges in the U.S. military. Your circumstances will further define the nature of the theft and the strategy the prosecution will take against you. Bilecki Law Group has fought—and won—dozens of larceny and theft cases involving everything from theft of military property to embezzlement charges and more. We’ve also defended service members accused of:

  • Forgery
  • Check fraud
  • BX, PX or NEX theft
  • Travel voucher & entitlement fraud
  • Military property theft
  • Wire fraud
Military Theft & Larceny Attorneys

Do not expect the government to go easy on you. They will be cracking the whip right from the start. Theft and larceny charges have spiked in recent years, and the government has attempted to curb military theft with increased convictions and harsher sentencing.

This is not the time to be in the crosshairs of military prosecutors.

Your best hope is to fight back and win your case. To do that, you’ll need a team of attorneys that know how to assault the prosecution’s evidence and strategy.

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Defending Service Members against Theft & Larceny Charges in the Military

The prosecution believes they have a foolproof case against you. They’ve likely been working on it for a long time. They’ve had time to fine-tune their strategy. Their conviction rate is high. So is their confidence.

But they’re also predictable, which gives the defense attorneys at Bilecki Law Group the opening they need to throw doubt on the government’s evidence and discredit their witnesses.

We’ll likely take a number of different approaches depending on the evidence against you and the circumstances of your case:
  1. Intent matters in a theft or larceny case. Did you mean to actually steal the money? Did you believe you were entitled to it? Could it be an accidental overpayment? Was there confusion about how reimbursements and entitlements worked?
  2. How the government collected the evidence matters as well. Were you caught up in a sting operation? Was the sting operation legal? Was there a proper search authorization applied for all searches and seizures?
  3. Regarding the witnesses, we have the possibility to look into their pasts with our own private investigations. Furthermore, we can hire forensic experts to review the money trail and pinpoint areas that throw doubt on the evidence against you.
military law book of justice

Your future and reputation are being held, hostage. A not-guilty verdict will restore them. Fight back with the military defense attorneys at Bilecki Law Group and win your case in court!

We Have a Proud History of Fighting Larceny and Theft Charges

We’ve gone up against overwhelming odds and still come out on top. Check out some of our most stunning upsets involving larceny and theft charges here and see more about our legal services for military fraud and larceny defense.

UCMJ Article 87b

Frequently Asked Questions On Theft & Larceny

Your case will almost certainly involve charges under Article 121 of the UCMJ governing larceny and wrongful appropriation. However, charges of robbery are covered under Article 122, and forgery under Article 123.

Absolutely, yes. And we’d just like to add one thing: never gamble your future away on an assumption. Making assumptions about the government’s case almost always leads to a tragic outcome in court:

  • Assuming that the government has overwhelming evidence against you will almost certainly provoke a confession in hopes of securing a plea bargain. But that plea bargain is often a terrible deal. And the best option almost always involves fighting—and winning—your case outright.
  • The opposite—assuming the government has nothing on you—is equally damaging. Your overconfidence will likely lead to decisions like hiring a less capable defense attorney. Even worse, you may not hire a civilian attorney at all in hopes that the charges will just disappear.

Again, before you ever make an assumption about your case, contact the defense attorneys at Bilecki Law Group. Always get the truth before making such a life-altering decision involving a larceny or theft charge.

Article 121 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) defines larceny as any wrongful taking, obtaining or withholding of property, either from the military or another person. Any form of theft, embezzlement, wrongful appropriation or obtaining by false pretense could be defined as larceny under Article 121.

Court Martial Defense For Larceny & Financial Fraud

Don’t just plead guilty… Fight Back !