Military Violent Crime Defense

The United States government has accused you of violently assaulting and even killing a fellow service member or civilian.
They have threatened you with decades of incarceration and a dishonorable discharge if you are found guilty of these crimes.
Without even the hint of a trial, they have presumed your guilt and will stop at nothing to convict you:
  • They will use coercive interrogation tactics to force a confession
  • They will have a literal army of investigators working to establish your guilty
  • They will tell lead you to believe that taking a plea deal now is the only option that could spare you truly harsh sentencing in later on.
Understand that the U.S. Government has every reason to convict you as quickly as possible. They do not want your case becoming a PR disaster. Service member camping with his son after a Not Guilty verdict. They are not interested in learning the truth. They want a conviction, regardless of whether you’re innocent or not.
Our lawyers who specialize in court court martial defense is the last ally and the last line of defense you have against an enemy that wishes to put you behind bars. The only question now is, are you ready to fight back?

We Defend Service Members against All Forms of Violent Crimes in the United States Military

The threat to your military career and civilian future should be both clear and present. You may be facing:
  • Incarceration in the brig, regional confinement facility or Fort Leavenworth for decades. A conviction could mean the end of your freedom.
  • The total loss of all military benefits, pay, and allowances. Your G.I. benefits will be taken from you. Your family could be cut off from your support.
  • A breakdown of your civilian career. The publication of a felony charge that a simple Google search could pull up. The possibility of only making minimum wage for the rest of your life.
Bilecki Law Group is often the last line of defense you have against an enemy that wishes to publicly shame you and put you behind bars. One call to our violent crimes defense attorneys could win you back your freedom and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions for Violent Crimes

I Confessed to My Crimes. Can I Still Fight My Charges in Court?

Yes you can. But expect to have a real fight on your hands.
If you’ve already confessed to a crime but now wish to plead not guilty in court, then you’re free to do so. You should know however that these cases are brutal court battles. Don’t automatically expect the free attorney you get in the JAG Corps to be up to the task of winning a “confession” case. He or she will likely tell you to just plead guilty and get it over with.
The Bilecki Law Group team can and will fight for you if you’ve confessed. But you need to acknowledge the difficulty of your case. Hiring a relentless defense team is your only real option at this point.

Violent Crime Defense Practice Areas

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