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Parris Island , SC Court Martial Defense

Parris Island in South Carolina stands as a cornerstone of the Marine Corps, serving as a crucial training ground for new recruits. This facility is instrumental in forging the future of the Corps, blending individuals from various cultural and professional backgrounds into unified, battle-ready Marines.

Defending Soldiers' Rights

Parris Island Creates A Spartan Class of Marines Who Are Not Afraid of a Military Court Martial

The story of every United States Marine begins with a defining moment on the yellow footprints of Parris Island, marking the start of a transformative journey through rigorous training. Here, recruits are subjected to a challenging environment that tests their mental and physical limits while instilling strict military discipline and acquainting them with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). This process culminates in the creation of disciplined Marines, prepared to serve and fight across the globe, a commitment epitomized by the extraordinary valor of Medal of Honor recipient, Jack Lucas.

Enlisting in the Marine Corps at just 14, Jack Lucas demonstrated remarkable determination and bravery, masking his age to serve during World War II. After his training at Parris Island, he was assigned to Hawaii, where his true age was discovered, leading to his reassignment away from combat to driving a truck. Dissatisfied and eager to fight, Lucas stowed away on a ship bound for Iwo Jima in 1945, ultimately turning himself in and joining the fight upon arrival. His heroic actions on Iwo Jima, where he shielded his fellow Marines from grenades, earning him the Medal of Honor at merely 17, reflect the unparalleled courage and the spirit of sacrifice that defines the Marine Corps ethos.

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Combatting UCMJ Misuse

Fighting Back Against the Misapplication of the UCMJ

As it pertains to the military justice system, it tends to take Marines off the battlefield and put them in a courtroom which feels like unfamiliar territory. Thankfully for those Marines, we consider trial by court martial our home turf and we fight like it. We present an aggressive defense for an array of charges and below you’ll find a few examples. This list is not comprehensive, but we think you’ll see that we are not afraid to fight the most serious of charges.

  1. UCMJ Article 120 or Article 134 (Sex Offenses): These cases, including rape and sexual assault, demand vigorous defense. An allegation alone can derail a career, making a zealous fight for justice essential.
  2. UCMJ Article 121 (Fraud and Larceny): From BAH fraud to wrongful appropriation, these charges might not always seem severe but can end careers. Mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t define one’s entire service.
  3. UCMJ Article 128 (Assault and Violent Crime): Charges like assault can arise from a fight gone too far. Service members often face harsher consequences than civilians, emphasizing the need for a strong defense.
  4. UCMJ Article 112a (Drug Crimes): Involving controlled substances from marijuana to cocaine, these cases can unfairly end careers, especially in areas where recreational use is becoming legal. Circumstances matter, and these charges can be contested.
  5. Punitive Articles of the UCMJ 77-134 (Military Specific Offenses): Ranging from AWOL to conduct unbecoming, these charges often lack consistency in enforcement, making it crucial not to accept guilt without contesting the charges.
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Protect Your Future: Fight UCMJ Charges

Marines Fight For Right and Freedom

At Bilecki Law Group, headquartered in Tampa and perfectly positioned to serve Parris Island, we embody the spirit of the Marines’ Hymn, committed to fighting for the rights and freedom of Marines facing legal challenges. Understanding the importance of maintaining one’s honor, our team specializes in robust defense strategies, especially relishing the opportunity to bring cases to trial, where we believe our clients have the strongest chance of vindication. Whether you’re a seasoned Drill Instructor or a newly graduated Marine, our commitment remains unwavering. Offering free consultations, we’re prepared to stand with you, armed with honesty and expertise, as long as you’re ready to battle with the courage of heroes like Jack Lucas. For those who’ve earned the distinguished title of Marine and aim to preserve their honor while contributing to our nation’s security, we’re here to ensure your fight is not in vain.

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