Federal Criminal Defense in Hawaii

Allegations of a federal crime have upended your life. Your career, your family, and your freedom are no longer guaranteed. You may be suspicious of the public defender and do not believe he or she has the time to dedicate all of his or resources and talent to help you fight your charges.

You are not being foolish for imaging the worst that could happen.

If you are reading this, then you are rightfully nervous about what a guilty verdict in a federal trial could do to your life. While there is a time and a place for optimism, now is not that time. The danger is far too great not to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

  • You could face years or even decades in federal prison. A prison sentence will leave your life in utter shambles. The longer the sentence, the more difficult it becomes to reintegrate into society and hold down a decent job.
  • Your finances could fall into ruin. The fines associated with many federal crimes can be steep and leave you indebted to the government for years.
  • The people you care about most will question their ties to you. If you are convicted of your crime, it could leave you ostracized from family and friends for the rest of your life.

Do not risk the worst-case scenario. If you’ve been accused of a federal offense in Hawaii, call the law offices of Bilecki & Tipon TODAY to schedule your confidential consultation.

Bilecki Law Group, PLLC Is the Premier Law Firm Defending both Military and Civilians from Federal Offenses in Hawaii

Your choice of an attorney is the single most important decision you will make in your court case. Even if you have the truth on your side. Even if the evidence points irrefutably to your innocence. Even if you have witnesses lining down the street waiting to corroborate your side of the story.

Without an experienced trial attorney and defense team, everything falls apart. See our pages specifically regarding specialized Federal Cases:

Bilecki Law Group has experience going head-to-head against even the most skillful prosecutors. Before you consider another attorney, consider what makes the team at Bilecki Law Group one of the most aggressive and capable criminal defense law firms in the state.

  • We are fierce advocates. The vast resources of the federal government may steamroll an average or underprepared attorney 9 times out of 10. Bilecki Law Group is one of the few firms capable of holding its own against the government and it’s very experienced federal prosecutors.
  • We are well-staffed and ready for anything. Our Honolulu-based team is staffed with multiple attorneys, a full-time investigator, and a support staff. We are also networked with some of the most talented forensic specialists and consultants in the nation.
  • We know the system. Bilecki Law Group understands the significance of a federal criminal trial. If the federal government is overconfident, we’ll make them pay for it.

Let Bilecki Law Group help you secure the best possible trial outcome. Call us today for a confidential consultation on your case.

FAQ's About Federal Court Criminal Defense

What Are the Most Common Offenses We Defend Against?

Some of the most common allegations we defend against are felony cases that involve drug distribution, fraud charges, child pornography cases and more aggressive violent crimes. We also representation through the pre-indictment phase while you are under investigation.

If I am In the Military, Can I Still Be Indicted?

Yes, being in the military does not bar the federal government from indicting and prosecuting you. A federal criminal case against you can and will have a significant impact on your military career.

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