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At Bilecki Law Group, we're deeply troubled by the unjust UCMJ abuses faced by soldiers at US Army Garrison Wiesbaden, who are prepared to confront external threats yet battle the UCMJ domestically. While the UCMJ serves to maintain order, its inconsistent application can unjustly disrupt lives. Our mission is to support these service members in their fight against UCMJ abuses, ensuring they remain ready to defend our nation.

Helping Soldiers At US Army Garrison Wiesbaden Fight The Abuse And Misuse Of The UCMJ

Here at Bilecki Law Group, we find few things more infuriating than seeing Soldiers on the front lines suffer from unjust abuse of the UCMJ. In the case of personnel stationed at US Army Garrison Wiesbaden, these guys are ready to square off with Russia on any given day and yet, their biggest fight can be with the UCMJ. Now, don’t get us wrong, the UCMJ has a just and rightful purpose. That is to preserve military order and discipline. However, when wielded by a fickle command, the UCMJ can be used to destroy the lives of good men and women. The UCMJ is rarely enforced with consistency from command to command and Wiesbaden is no exception. If we are going to face the threats that are aligning against our nation, we are going to need those same good men and women. That means before those men and women fight our foes, they are going to have to fight like hell against the abuse and misuse of the UCMJ and we are here to help them.

Fighting A Battle You Didn’t Ask For With The UCMJ

The reality is that no service member takes the oath under the assumption that they will be facing a court martial one day in their career. When the military justice system comes after you, it is as scary as it sounds and for good reason. Military prosecutors boast a high conviction rate and they spare no expense to keep it that way. Fortunately, history demonstrates that our service members know how to handle a fight that they were not seeking.

Just a three hour drive from Wiesbaden, the boys of 101st Airborne dug in around the town of Bastogne in December of 1944 and waited for hell to unleash around them. The Germans were undertaking their last ditch effort to stave off defeat with an offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge and now had the 101st surrounded in Bastogne.

German General Heinrich von Luttwitz submitted a letter to the American commander and instructed him that surrender was the only option. He told the American that an entire German artillery corps and six heavy A.A. battalions were ready to annihilate the U.S. troops in 2 hours time if surrender was not offered. The American response was classic. Brigadier General Anthony McAauliffe wrote, “To the German Commander. NUTS! The American Commander.” By December 27th, Patton’s Third Army had broken the siege of Bastogne and American victory in Europe was assured.

Military Prosecutors Want To End Your Career. We Say NUTS!

You are not going to military prison. You are not going to forfeit your career or retirement over some BS charge by a fickle command. You are going to fight like hell and we are going to help you. We realize it takes courage, but you need to look at what military prosecutors and exclaim NUTS! We help service members at Wiesbaden fight the full range of abuse and misuse of the UCMJ and we know how to win. Below are just a few of the charges we defend out of Wiesbaden and we think you’ll quickly see that we don’t scare easily.

  1. UCMJ Article 120 or Article 134 (Sex offenses) – These cases can include rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, sexual assault of a minor, indecent viewing, indecent recording, forcible pandering, indecent exposure, and other Article 120 and Article 120(c) offenses.
    Why do we take these cases? Because good men and women are having their lives ruined over hearsay and mere allegations. The military is righteously trying to root out sexual misconduct, but the climate has become untenable. Commands under pressure to look tough are destroying the lives of young service members with little to no evidence. We fight back and we win.
  2. UCMJ Article 121 (Fraud and Larceny) – We defend cases such as conspiracy to defraud the military, BAH fraud, OHA fraud, extortion, larceny, wrongful appropriation, and more. “Gear adrift is a gift” as they say, but when the wrong gear ends up in the wrong hands, the UCMJ will make someone pay.
    There is always more to the story than military prosecutors want told when it comes to Article 121 charges. They want to make you out to be Al Capone, but you thought the gear or property was legit yours. Don’t let them scare you into admitting guilt over a simple mistake. If you don’t fight back they will destroy you over this misunderstanding.
  3. UCMJ Article 128 (Assault and Violent Crime) – We represent service members facing charges including murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, assault, and cases involving self-defense and defense of another. History may not put it front and center, but U.S. troops brawling with locals in Germany during the postwar years was rampant.
    Back then, alcohol played a big factor and today, little has changed. Soldiers fight, they just do and while it is often over a silly matter, fights happen. What starts off as a simple Soldier’s fight turns into serious charges quickly when a makeshift weapon like a beer bottle or pool cue gets involved. Don’t let a simple fight end your career. Not when this nation needs you in the fight that matters most.
  4. UCMJ Article 112a (Drug Crimes) – We defend cases involving drug possession, drug distribution, drug importation, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, positive urinalysis cases, tampering with urinalysis cases, and more. These cases often involve illegal controlled substances such as marijuana, LSD, methamphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, molly, opioids, analogues, and more.
    Unfortunately, drugs are as prevalent in Germany as they are in the United States. Good service members will often get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and there is almost always a civilian influence involved. The civilian gets a slap on the wrist, but you have to stand tall in front of the UCMJ. Don’t fight this alone. Get us into this fight on your behalf to secure you the best possible outcome.
  5. Punitive Articles of the UCMJ 77-134 (Military Specific Offenses) – These include charges such as fraternization, unauthorized absence (AWOL), disobeying a lawful order, conduct unbecoming an officer, and much more. Service members stationed on foreign soil are often disproportionately penalized for minor infractions because commands don’t want the wrath of the local population when a soldier does something stupid off base. The charges can be downright silly, but the consequences are huge if you don’t fight back.

How To Fight And Win Against Military Prosecutors At Wiesbaden?

When General McAauliffe replied “NUTS!” to the German commander, it would have been an absolute suicide mission if he was alone. However, he wasn’t alone. He had the bad sons of bitches in the 101st by his side and they won. You can’t go up against military prosecutors at Wiesbaden alone and expect to come out on top. You can use a free JAG defense attorney if you want and there are some good ones. However, there are just as many who are more concerned with their own military careers than yours.

That’s because the military justice system does not exist for the purpose of pursuing justice. It exists to preserve order and discipline. For that to work, they need their guilty convictions to scare everyone else into compliance. They will pursue those convictions with everything they have and your innocence is a mere road bump in that pursuit. You’ve got a fight coming your way whether you want one or not.

If you are facing investigation or court martial out of Wiesbaden, reach out to us. Clients fly us in from all over the world to defend their cases because we know how to take the fight right to the heart of the military justice system. Reach out to us and we’ll give you a free strategy defense session that you can use whether you choose to retain us or not. Say NUTS to the prosecutors acting like they have already secured your guilt and fight back. Get us into this fight on your behalf and we’ll let them know that they have no easy win or easy example to make out of you. We’ll fight back and we will win.

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