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Drinking with Female Marine Results in Charges for Marines E-4, Bilecki Defends

FREE CASE EVALUATION A Marine Corporal was accused of abusive sexual contact in violation of Article 120, UCMJ. After being...

Bilecki Ensures Better Outcome for Sailor Involved in Two NCIS Child Sex Stings

FREE CASE EVALUATION A Navy Petty Officer Second Class was arrested after being involved in two different NCIS “To Catch...

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Understanding The Army’s Trial Defense Services’ Mission to Execution Gap

Military history is littered with the corpses of well-intended missions that ended in objective disaster. Operation Market Garden in the...

How parental discipline can be used as a defense

Navigating the Waters of Parental Discipline: A Defense in Assault Charges Against a Child In the realm of military justice,...

How Military Prosecutors Use The Slippery Slope Fallacy To Ruin Military Careers

On a recent episode of the popular Freakonomics Podcast, Bilecki’s very own Ben Gold had an opportunity to highlight one...

Lessons from 1861: Modern Military Justice | Bilecki Law Group

It has often been said by military historians that we face nothing new under the sun today that was not...

Marine Raiders Cleared: A Righteous Act | Bilecki Law Group

Alcohol infused bar fights rarely end well for military service members and when someone lays dead after it is all...

The Importance of Hiring a Civilian Attorney for False Sexual Assault Allegations in Court Martial Cases

Explanation of a Court Martial A court martial is similar to a civilian criminal trial, but it follows a different...