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Fort Hood Cases Put Spotlight on Army CID Shortfalls

Soldiers and their families stationed at Fort Hood, TX should be concerned over recent finding of an investigation into the Criminal Investigation Command (CID) detachment …

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Is Court-martialing Military Retirees Unconstitutional? Two Cases May Change UCMJ Jurisdiction.

It is a little known fact: only some military retirees remain subject to the UCMJ after leaving service. Enlisted Sailors and Marines who complete 20-29 …

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Army Holds Fort Hood Leadership Accountable After an Investigation Report Finds “toxic” Culture That “fueled” Sexual Harassment

In the months since the discovery of the dismembered and burned remains of U.S. Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen, a Fort Hood soldier who disappeared on …

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New Year Could Bring First Ever Court-Martial For an Air Force General Officer

On January 27, 2021, the Air Force will hold a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case of Air …

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DOD Report Shows That There Is Not Enough Evidence to Convict in Most Rape Cases sent to Court-Martial

A subcommittee of the Defense Advisory Committee on Investigation, Prosecution, and Defense of Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces recently released findings from a comprehensive …

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Former Air Force Major Fights to Clear His Name

Major Clarence Anderson III was living what many would consider the American dream. He was a squadron commander stationed at Holloman Air Force base, was …

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One Drink Means You Can’t Consent – WRONG!

The military often teaches that a service member can’t consent to having sex after they have been drinking, which is not an accurate summation of …

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Defending Someone Who Confessed to Crimes

False confessions are not only real, but they are also common. Many defense attorneys fear the confession. Many defense attorneys see a confession and use …

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What is a Forensic Image?

If you are new to the world of digital forensics, you may come across the term “forensic image.” What exactly is a forensic image? A …

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Tim Bilecki at the Global Business Leader Summit

Good afternoon. My name is Tim Bilecki. I’m the Managing Partner of the law firm of Bilecki & Tipon. Every day I see kids, I …

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Digital Evidence In Criminal Investigations

Digital evidence is a term you will see more and more as cases progress through the criminal justice system. The digital realm has intersected with …

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A summary court-martial is fundamentally different than a special or general court-martial in that it is non-judicial in nature.  There is no jury, no military …

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Can I receive credit off of my sentence because my command illegally punished me prior to trial?

Can you receive a credit off of your sentence because your command illegally punished you prior to trial? This is a frequent question we receive …

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Does My Chain Of Command Need To Read Me My Rights Before They Ask Me An Incriminating Question?

Does your chain of command need to read you your rights before they ask you an incriminating question? This is a question we frequently receive, …

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Unlawful Command Influence and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Unlawful command influence is said to be the “mortal enemy of military justice,”  but defining what that actually means is somewhat complicated.  When potential clients …

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