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At Bilecki Law Group, we’re not just military lawyers – we’re trial warriors. Facing a court-martial under the UCMJ? Challenge accepted. When the system tries to corner you, we punch back hard. No matter where you stand, we land, ready to wage war on your behalf.
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Like a war you didn’t want and a battle you didn’t ask for, if you are under investigation or facing court martial, the military justice system is about to bear down upon you, and it could cost you everything.
Unfortunately, the military justice system cares more about the perception of good order and discipline than it does justice.
This means that the system will gladly make an example out of you just to strike fear into the hearts of others, regardless of your innocence.
What is happening to you right now is not justice and your best chance to preserve what you have rightfully earned is to fight back.

The Bilecki Law Group is a boutique law firm that specializes in at-trial court martial representation and giving the military justice system the fight it wasn’t expecting. This is how you preserve your career, retirement, and freedom. This is how you win.

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UCMJ Investigation or Court Martial, What Happens Next?

You’re not here for leisurely reading, so let’s get right to it. You’re here because yourself or someone you love is facing an investigation or eventual court martial. Your Command or JAG has likely told you that you are innocent until proven guilty, but that is not the truth. There is a presumption of guilt building against you within the military justice system as we speak. The court martial process is daunting as it is complex, and commands use this to their advantage. They want to scare you away from the one path that will lead you to exoneration. That is, they want to make you stand down when you should stand up and fight. We provide no-nonsense information that can help you understand what you are facing.

You’ll know what you are up against, and you’ll know how to fight back. So, let’s take a look at what you could be facing:

We Win Military Court Martial Trials

The first step in fighting the military justice system is to create a
defense so aggressive that it’s almost wrong not to call it an offense.
They don’t control the courtroom, we do.

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What You’re Up Against

Why going it alone with JAG representation doesn’t work

The military justice system is not a neutral battlefield. Make no mistake about it, this turf belongs to the military justice system and there is no such thing as blind justice. If the military wanted to ensure justice and provide for a fair trial, it would give both the prosecution and the defense equal resources. This is not the case. The military justice system wins trials the same way the military wins battles. They overwhelm their enemy (you) with more problems than any one service member can solve at once. Here’s how they stack the deck against you.

The military selects their very best attorneys to serve as SVPs in your trial. These are the military’s elite attorneys, and you can be certain that they don’t put as much consideration into who your JAG appointed attorney will be. This is why the military conviction rate hovers at over 90%.
That is, you are AT LEAST, outnumbered 5 to 1, and, in many cases, more. Often, the military will assign not one, but two, SVPs and this is especially true in a sexual assault trial. Then, that team will be supported by additional prosecutors and a literal army of enlisted paralegals. This military unit can then be ordered to work endless hours to secure your prosecution. They couldn’t quit, even if they wanted to, otherwise they might be on trial themselves. What’s more, they have experienced supervisors guiding them along the way. Trial Counsel is often young, smart, and motivated to convict you; plus, they have constant and immediate access to leadership with many more years of experience than most senior defense counsel.
Bringing in forensic experts and highly qualified investigators is an expensive ordeal and for the prosecution, money is no object. Meanwhile, your defense JAG is forced to beg the military justice system like the orphan Oliver, asking for more porridge, if they want expert help. The defense’s requests are routinely denied as a matter of prosecutorial gamesmanship. The government is not only prosecuting you, but they’ll tell you who you get to have as an expert witness.
Every investigative unit in the military is always looking out for number 1. That is NOT you. Their primary allegiance is to the military justice system, and we have seen mind-blowing unethical acts take place during investigation phases. What’s worse, they take the witness stand, swear to tell the truth, and then flat out lie without any worry of perjury coming their way from the very system it protects.
By the time you are facing a court martial, the government has already leveraged serious resources to put you on trial. They are not looking to admit a mistake, and, if evidence of innocence comes to light, they look the other way. Meanwhile, some JAG defense attorneys are more concerned about their own career than challenging this system. Tim Bilecki made his name challenging that system while serving as Senior Defense Counsel in the Army and as civilian defense counsel for a combined 20 years.
Just like the military justice system can ruin someone’s career and life, it can give that career back to someone in the blink of an eye…if they testify against you. Do you think a fellow officer would risk their retirement to save yours when the military justice system threatens you both? They’ll give a testifying witness a clean slate and a get-out-of-jail-free card, just so long as he or she testifies to the Government’s liking.
The military justice system will not detail you with a military defense attorney until charges are preferred against you. Never mind that they may have spent months building a case against you, you’ll get a defense when they say you get a defense. Then, they’ll schedule the Article 32 probable cause hearing just 3 to 5 days later. Your request for a delay will be denied. You’re about to go to war with a boot attorney, who has just days to get ready. Meanwhile, the prosecution is entrenched and fortified as you become cannon fodder for the military justice system.
Military defense attorneys are part of a separate organization from the command and the Judge Advocate’s office, but make no mistake about it, they are all part of the JAG family. It’s routine for defense lawyers to move into the prosecution and they are not interested in burning bridges with their JAG brethren. Not to mention, the military will assign inexperienced attorneys to the defense while keeping the heavy hitters with trial experience as the prosecution. That’s why military defense attorney success rates are dismal, and the prosecution maintains a 90% conviction rate.
“If you play the game by their rules and on their battlefield, you’ve got a 10% or less chance of winning. Don’t play by their rules. Give them the last thing they were looking for: a fight.”

The Cost Of Your Defense

The military justice system is a bully and the answer for bullies has always been the same. A punch to the mouth is all they understand and it’s a shock to the system when you fight back.

Fighting back isn’t easy and it is not free. However, there are some scenarios in life where aggression is the right and proper answer. This is one of them. We use a flat fee pricing schedule, plus travel costs, so that you can count the cost before you go to war with the military justice system. We are not a discount law firm, and we are not the cheapest, but you will get what you pay for. We shoot you straight as to what you are facing and what those costs will be right up front.

The travel costs exist because we will literally fly anywhere in the world to defend your case. We are routinely sent to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as everywhere CONUS. We’re the best court martial lawyers people fly in when everything is on the line and failure is not an option. We take the fight directly to the military justice system and we win because they are not prepared for a punch in the mouth. This is how you get your life and career back.

Competence, Experience, and The Results You Are Looking For

Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia 2021: A Navy submariner was processing administrative paperwork to wire funds into the accounts of sailors evacuated for hurricane Irma. The Sailor made the poor decision to wire some of those funds to his own account. This included the Commanding Officer’s funds! NCIS investigated, and the sailor made a full confession. Yes, he admitted he was guilty and he was indeed guilty. The original plea was for reduction in rank to E-1, confinement, and a punitive discharge. With so much to lose, he called Tim Bilecki. Bilecki flew to Norfolk and the end results after a masterful argument was only a reduction of one pay grade, NO CONFINEMENT, NO PUNITIVE DISCHARGE. The young man is still serving in the Navy today.

Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 2021: An Army field grade officer who was eligible for retirement was indicted for wrongful sexual conduct, three specifications of assault, two specifications of obstruction, one specification of sexual harassment, and one specification of conduct unbecoming an officer. The officer smartly called Tim Bilecki while the case was still under investigation. Tim got involved early and it’s a good thing he did. The Army was seeking a felony conviction, sex offender registration, prison time, and a dismissal from the Army with no retirement. After months of aggressive negotiations, Tim got all sexual assault charges dropped, the client would not receive a felony conviction, and was able to retire from the Army with all benefits intact.

Okinawa, Japan 2019:  A Marine Corporal was catfished by a 15-year-old girl who was posing as an adult online. When he found out her age, he broke off the relationship. Due to her claims, the case was investigated and charges were never preferred. Then, with one month left in the Marine’s enlistment, the military informed him that they were administratively separating him for child pornography and sexual assault of a minor. The Marine could have exited the military in shame, but thankfully, Marines know how to fight. He called the Bilecki Law Group and Tim Bilecki flew to Okinawa. The result: the separation board UNANIMOUSLY found no basis for misconduct.

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When We Say We Defend Military Service Members Worldwide We Mean Worldwide!
You’ll notice a particular emphasis on the Eastern Seaboard and Southeast United States as our offices are located in Tampa, Florida. Since Bilecki Law Group was initially founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2010, we frequently return to the Aloha state to defend service members because the military justice system in Hawaii still lives in fear over what we accomplished there. However, we go where there is a service member facing injustice and will travel to and clime and place across the globe to get into the fight. Click on your location to find out more about our work there and if you don’t see your location on the map, reach out to us immediately and we’ll make it so.


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