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In an ideal world, the justice system would be fair, unbiased, and designed to ferret out the truth. In the court-martial arena, that is not the case. For the military to keep its conviction rate high, ensure good order and discipline, and create the public perception that misconduct is not tolerated, it stacks the deck against an accused military member. They will attempt to win at all costs. Should you settle for a JAG lawyer to fight your charges or hire a court-martial defense attorney? Does the military care about you having a fair trial?

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The Process of a Court Martial

You are here because you or a loved one is under investigation or currently charged with an offense under the UCMJ.  The process is as daunting as it is complex.  It’s also about perspective. Commanders and JAG’s will tell you that you are innocent until proven guilty, and while that is a correct statement of the law, it’s simply not the reality.

We provide an understanding of the court-martial system from the perspective of experienced civilian defense attorneys who have been in the trenches.


Accused of a sex crime? The military will consider you guilty even if the allegations are false. Find out how we will fight your charges with an aggressive defense.

We defend service members against ALL major drug offenses in the United States Military. Learn how our court martial attorneys win unbeatable cases.

If you have been charged with a violent crime, the U.S. military will presume that you are guilty and will stop at nothing to convict you.

Charged with fraud or larceny? We are your last line of defense you have against an enemy that wishes to publicly shame you and put you behind bars.

Military Defense Attorneys for Judicial and Non-Judicial Punishment

Court Martial Defense

Let us help you get where you need to go.

You’re looking for straight talk. You’re looking for honest advice from fellow military veterans who have cut ties with the military’s legal establishment. You’re looking for a court martial defense law firm that knows the system inside and out. Most important of all, you’re looking to win.

We fight aggressively for you to guarantee the best outcome.

Our Strategy

Military defense attorney strategies & tactics.

Military criminal trials are immensely complicated by a variety of factors. Having an inexperienced defense attorney who doesn’t have the experience or drive to navigate such a legal minefield can make your conviction all but certain.
Bilecki Law Group is devoted to defending military personnel and has the experience to traverse the legal battleground successfully. With the deck stacked against you, don’t gamble on a losing hand.
From the initial investigation up to the trial, learn about the various strategies that we use to win cases for you.



What Are The Costs Of A Court Martial Conviction?

No two service members will face the same cost of a court-martial conviction. Every crime, every verdict, and every outcome is different. And it is entirely up to you to decide which is costlier: An experienced attorney or a guilty verdict.

While we cannot make that determination for you, what we can do is share information into the average cost of a conviction. 

We’ve determined this after decades of being in the business, having defended thousands of clients, taken hundreds of cases to court, and reviewed additional thousands of cases by judge advocates and other civilian court-martial attorneys in the industry. What is revealed is a grim collage of promising futures destroyed, reputations slandered, and families split asunder.

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