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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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Timothy K.

March 2024

Iwakuni here. Tim did a fantastic job defending me from being thrown out of the military for an email. If you're having any issues with a toxic command, he is who you should go to:)

Danny O'Connell Jr.

March 2024

After many, many months of a huge roadblock and stand still in my career I was fully acquitted of all charges, The decision I made to contact Tim Bilecki was the best decision I have made. These charges would have destroyed my career. Tim and Ben are an amazing hardworking team, every meeting leading up to my court date I was at ease knowing they were on my side and believed in me. At one point, I was physically and emotionally drained, when the final verdict came back AQUITTED, I am back on track and can finally prepare once again for a successful future. Thank you, Tim, and Ben, for everything. You have gone out of your way, and I knew from our first conversation you were the man (men) for the job. If anyone is reding this and are struggling to decide, please reach out to The Bilecki Law Group, you will not regret it.

Ed A.

September 2022

Tim Bilecki and Ben Gold are the best military attorneys in the market.
If you are reading this review, you are likely in serious legal trouble in the military. I am here to tell you that time is not on your side. If you are searching for the best possible attorney to help you in your current situation. Look no further because Tim Bilecki and Ben Gold are the best military attorneys in the market. The best decision I ever made, and we won my case, but either way, from start to finish, I never felt like they took me, my case, or my money for granted. If you are in the military facing the weight of the U.S. Government trying to convict you, do not hesitate to hire this team because you will regret it.
Adverse actions while in the military will affect your ability to find work outside of the uniform. There is a good chance you will lose much more regarding your freedom, dignity, military career, and potentially your civilian life outside the military. The consequences can be devastating if you are convicted on a court martial or in a Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP). I have served in the military for almost two decades, and I am here to tell you that the military justice system holds no punches. The government does not care about your career, deployments, or family. They want to get a conviction at all costs, regardless of the truth.
I am very thankful to Tim and Ben, a group of professionals who fought a good fight…there is no doubt that without their knowledge of the military court system and the law, I would not be here today. I cannot say enough about this team. They have excellent and timely customer service, positive attitudes, excellent communicators, and the ultimate professionals in person and across their digital platforms. If you are looking for a winning team focused on quality, not quantity – this is your team. The hardest part about finding a lawyer is finding a good lawyer. Tim and Ben bring so much more than I have ever imagined. If you want the best representation, then hire this team today!

Adrian H.

November 2023

This is a long overdue review. Tim and Ben are just an outstanding team. Going through that process, I was stressed and faced with so much uncertainty. There was no sales pitch with Tim. He gave it to me straight and frankly expected the same. Seeing him work in the court room put me at ease. This by no means was a cake walk but if I had to do this again, I would choose Tim and his team every time. I got my life back thanks to his ability to leverage his experience and apply it in the court room. I have recommended this firm to service members and will continue to do so. Don't trust your chain of command, choose this law firm! They are the real deal!

Franck N.

January 2022

Tim Bilecki the Ringmaster, exposer of snake liars&charlatans
1st you are or want to get married start saving money to hire Tim Bilecki as you never know. If you need someone to defend you, Tim Bilecki is worth his weight in gold&then some! Divorce can get nasty&society now works that even a crazy false/weak allegation from any woman will turn your life upside down or ruin it especially in the military. You will be negatively flagged&kiss any promotion, awards&re-enlistment goodbye! The military backed by the full force of U.S. Government has unlimited funds&You'll be marked guilty until proven innocent&even your leadership will ostracize you! 2nd NEVER talk to anyone without talking to an attorney FIRST. It's a hard lesson I learned! Law enforcement, CID, NCIS, etc. are allowed to lie to you&say what you want to hear to get you to make statements&Everything you say will be twisted&used against you! Thank God Mr. Tim Bilecki saw through the lies. of the alleged victim&her flip mafia best friends "witnesses" &exposed their lies! Mr. Tim Bilecki, his associate Mr. Ben Gold&my military TDS attorney Captain Brian Tracy are the very best at what they do-Military Law. They honestly care&worked their butts off all day into late nights slept at office&even skipped meals on my case to develop strategies, evidence, cross-examinations&so on! My case was complex&prosecution painted me as a monster&used every dirty trick on the book, the alleged victim flat out lied&many of her witnesses completely perjured themselves throughout the trial under oath! But with Ben Gold's hard research, Brian Tracy's technical knowledge of the law& Tim Bilecki's amazing communication skills was able to separate truth from the lies. Tim is the Ringmaster of the trial&was able to convince the Jury! Tim Bilecki's masterful opening which at least lasted an hour set the foundation for the jury to consider the possibility that the alleged victim was a liar. Tim exposed her con of pretending to be a small scared victim to jury seeing the real lying, manipulating, stone cold hearted woman that she is in real time! Tim the Shredder cross-examined the dog poop out of the alleged victim&her paramour for hours! Tim exposed the inconsistent lies&pointed out evidence against her story&alleged victim's witnesses all full of lies trying to cover up for alleged victim also got shredded by Tim&perjured themselves! Tim's superb closing argument lasted over 1 1/2 hour&he 1st made dang sure the jury completely understood their job: That the accused is 100% innocent until proven guilty by the U.S. Govt& that the jury understood exactly the meaning of allegations&other definitions of things like "beyond reasonable doubt" &other special legal instructions. Tim was the Ringmaster on closing arguments. He laid out facts, told the real story as he had been there himself with passionate argument, confidence&charisma! Tim made the jury fully embrace that in fact I was innocent until proven guilty&the very high burden was on the U.S. Govt until otherwise&was not our job to prove my innocence or why she lied! Tim exposed the alleged victim&her witnesses lies&called them out in court as complete liars, charlatans&nothing but theater! Prosecution tried to twist everything&get to the jury with an emotional argument&completely ignoring facts! Tim plowed thru all the lies &jury saw the truth! It was an incredibly scary situation being court-martialed&it will make you feel like crap but honestly you gotta put your full faith on Tim Bilecki &follow his advice 110% Most important of all bite the bullet&hire Mr. Tim Bilecki the sooner the better it's an investment that will repay itself many times! Trust me Tim knows his Craft of Law way more than you ever will& Tim will do the best humanly possible to get you the best possible outcome! after 2 years of investigation, 4 long days of trial& 4 hours of deliberation the jury Thankfully concluded in my case: Not guilty of all charges&specifications! All thanks to Tim Bilecki, Ben Gold&Capt Brian Tracey

Rafael L.

October 2021

Mr. Bilecki and Mr. Gold are by far the best legal team I have encountered in my entire career. My legal situation lasted almost one year and ended with the best case scenario; Full Acquittal! As with anyone going through a similar situation understands times can be extremely stressful. Tim and Ben continued to reassure me everything was going to be fine, and they were right 100%. Both Tim and Ben are very responsive to emails, text, and phone calls. Due to me being overseas and the time difference, they always made accommodations for a conference call that was convenient for me. When it came down to the actually trial, Mr. Bilecki was a superstar. He is was very strategic with his cross examinations and rebuttals. The truth was laid out for the court and justice prevailed. If you are going through a similar situation, I highly recommend you retain the services of Bilecki Law Group. You will not be disappointed.


September 2022

I reached out to Bilecki Law Group initially for help putting together a GOMOR rebuttal. Tim and Ben immediately got to work putting everything together and helping to prepare for all possible outcomes. The rebuttal was very effective pointing out evidence that was entirely false, so effective in fact that it was removed and the initial GOMOR was taken away and later re-imposed with a new evidence packet. Ben Gold's writing and laying out of facts is second to none, clear, concise and very persuasive.
Fast forward a few months and unfortunately the GOMOR was still permanently filed (as is often the case in these situations). My Command initiated an involuntary separation and Board of Inquiry (BOI). Tim and Ben were still on board and anxious to aggressively litigate my case at the BOI. Keep in mind you are bringing on board a highly experienced team when you retain Bilecki Law Group. This is not an firm you simply pay to make your problems go away (I'm fairly certain those do not exist). You will have to be an integral part of this team if you want the best outcome for your case. Tim and Ben understand this and it can clearly be seen in their detailed preparations with you for your case. Through our prep. we mapped out my career and many contributions to the military and came up with a clear strategy to obtain our objectives for the board. The findings were exactly as we had planned and prepped for and Ben's GOMOR rebuttal was referenced as a key piece of factual evidence in the board's findings.
Unhappy with the BOI outcome my Command tried to re-litigate the same allegations, this time by using Flying Evaluation Board (FEB). Tim once again was fully prepared. The board had a favorable outcome and was an amazing win for our team. His detailed knowledge of the regulation and arguments at the board were paramount.
This is the best military legal team out there. Throughout the proceedings Tim clearly controlled the tempo and boardroom environment in every room he was in. He was always looked to by all parties as the expert in the room . Even more than the superb legal representation, Tim and Ben are easily approachable in normal conversation, these are guys I enjoy being around and am glad to call them friends. This is an easily overlooked key to developing a successful legal team. They were both reachable for any questions I had throughout the process (even with sometimes hectic schedules).
If you want to bring on board a team that will give you an honest assessment and aggressively pursue your case I would recommend reaching out for a consultation. The experience, professionalism and expertise of Bilecki Law Group cannot be overstated.


December 2016

Fiat justitia ruat caelum ...Let justice be done though the heavens fall
I am a Chief Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps and stationed on Okinawa. The path I took to Bilecki and Tipon was shattering and terrifying. I was charged with article 80 (Attempts) including four specifications of Art 120 (Sexual Assault) including children, one article 133 (Conduct Unbecoming an Officer). I cannot describe the feelings I had when I realized there were over 100 cases very similar to mine that had been adjudicated as guilty by plea. I felt hopeless, completely lost and without allies to help me through the process.
I was part of the Okinawa NCIS “To Catch a Predator” sting operation. NCIS enticed me to meet a woman after extensive online chats and posts. When I arrived at her residence she told me she was under the age of consent. The system of military justice created a culture causing these cases to be concrete, locks for the prosecution. My first meeting with Mr. Bilecki was exactly what I had hoped for. He was exceptionally well versed in the legal process, dynamic in his approaches and thorough in his preparation. I can shower praise on every aspect of his handling of my case but the biggest thing for me is that he is a BULLDOG; relentless. Tim’s courtroom dominance was astounding. He controlled the jury panel’s emotions and turned them from hating me to hating NCIS. He had a minute by minute strategy with every word deliberately placed for maximum effect.
If you are in a situation where you feel hopeless, everyone is telling you to fold and you can’t see a way out; look to Tim Bilecki. Although my heavens were falling B&T was able to find the right angles to ensure justice was served. Thank you Tim for giving me my life back.
**Quote of the trial “Special agent, have you ever heard the expression: integrity is either a character trait or a character flaw? Which one is if for you, Special Agent?” Tim Bilecki during cross examination.


May 2016

Best defense in the Pacific
After I was falsely accused of Sexual Assault I retained the services of Mr. Tim Bilecki. Three months into the investigation, I had meticulously searched for the right representation with the experience and expertise needed to successfully defend me in the complex system of the military justice system.
Initially, I retained a few very high profile and highly regarded civilian defense attorneys; however, in the back of my mind, I knew that the complexities and details of the military justice system requires someone who has an immense understanding of the system and someone who had a reputation of being successful within the system. Tim and his Partner Noel both are prior military JAG officers, they came highly recommended.
I went to their website www.bileckilawgroup.com viewed their video and examined their client testimonials. I was convinced; that I need to set up a consultation with Mr. Bilecki. From the time I met Tim, I knew he had the acumen, intelligence, experience, and confidence I was looking for. Tim Bilecki went through a meticulous process of finding the facts and researching my case, we hired the right experts. By the time I walked out of his office, I was convinced if need be, we would be able to put up a defense that would expose weaknesses and punch holes in the prosecutions case.
From day one Tim and his team were always available, no matter where he was in the world at the time. His teams made me feel like a family member whom they wanted to protect. Tim, went right to work on my case and after four weeks he convinced the prosecution the accusation brought against me were completely false. It was Tim reputation of being a hard charging defense attorney who has won many cases of this specific nature, which convinced the prosecution that if they were going to win this case, they would have to have a rock solid case of which they knew they did not have.
If you want the best and your freedom, liberty, and name are on the line Mr. Bilecki is the attorney you need. I would take Tim and his team as my defense in a military and civilian proceeding over any attorney in the pacific. I believe winning in your defense is more than just business for Tim it personal. I am a free man and forever grateful.

Ernesto A.

October 2023

43 minutes and the Jury comes back and says… Not guilty of all charges and specifications. That right there is the best statement I had ever heard and it's all to be thanked to this amazing law firm. Mr. Bilecki, My friend is right you are a STONE COLD KILLER! There is no way in hell I would be here right now if it weren't for you and your talent in owning the courtroom. Watching you from the opening statement to cross examination of the Dirty MPs and witnesses to then putting the prosecutors in their place by giving an unbelievable closing argument that one would only imagine seeing in a movie. Also huge shoutout to Mr. Gold, one of the best writers that I have ever met. Your way of writing motions in such a short time period and making them seem like you took days writing but in reality you just take a few hours at most all you need is quiet room and boom you got a winning motion.I was fully acquitted of all charges, one being a sexual assault charge that would’ve destroyed my career and definitely put HUGE road blocks ahead of me for the rest of my life. My General Court Martial ended on August 6th 2023 and today is September 28th 2023, today I had my Reenlistment ceremony and I have been accepted to continue to serve in the United States Marine Corps. I wanted to write this review the same day I was acquitted but I wanted to wait and show everyone who reads this what a great law firm that is willing to give 110% to you can do for you. For a little over a year and a half we were at war with the UCMJ Machine and now today I was able to raise my right hand and give another 4 years to my Country and I am finally on standby to be promoted to Sgt. If you are under investigation and your career and life are at risk DO NOT hesitate to get in contact with this Law Firm. It is worth every penny. From my family and I thank you to this amazing Law Firm, Mr. Bilecki, Mr. Gold, our forensic expert, my two appointed military attorneys, and our Marine LCpl Paralegal. This “Stone Cold Client” will never forget everything this Law Firm has done for him. Thank you.

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