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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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Fort Drum
Court Martial Defense

Fort Drum, New York, stands as a pivotal location for military readiness, integrating a variety of cultural backgrounds as it houses units specialized in light infantry and mountain warfare. It's a place where countless service members shape their professional paths, at times navigating the complexities of UCMJ regulations.

Defending Soldiers' Rights

Drug Use at Fort Drum Will Get You Trouble With the UCMJ and Maybe a Medal of Honor

At Fort Drum, we’re not advocating for drug use as a path to military accolades, but it’s intriguing to note the unique story of Peter Lemon, the only Canadian-born Medal of Honor recipient. Lemon’s extraordinary actions during a 1970 assault at Fire Support Base Illingworth—despite being outnumbered and sustaining injuries—demonstrated unparalleled bravery. Remarkably, Lemon was under the influence of marijuana throughout the ordeal, a detail that adds a unique layer to his heroic narrative. Despite this, his defense of the base and his efforts to save fellow soldiers played a crucial role in preventing their position from being overrun, securing his place in military and cultural history.

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Combatting UCMJ Misuse

A Court Martial at Fort Drum Doesn’t Have To End Your Career

The Bilecki Law Group specializes in defending serious UCMJ charges with a focus on courtroom trials. We have a track record of winning by understanding the military justice system’s preference for avoiding trial. Drawing inspiration from Peter Lemon’s determination (though not his state), we stand ready to fight rigorously for our clients. Remember, the analogy suggests bravery, not arriving in court under the influence. What cases do we take on?

  1. UCMJ Article 120 & 134 (Sex Offenses): These articles address serious sexual misconduct within the military. The current climate often equates allegations with guilt, potentially ending careers unjustly. We advocate for the accused’s right to a fair trial and encourage fighting for innocence with a comprehensive defense strategy.
  2. UCMJ Article 121 (Fraud and Larceny): Defending against financial misconduct, such as BAH fraud, we understand the complexities behind such decisions, often rooted in a desire to provide for loved ones. The truth is critical for defense, emphasizing the importance of transparency and honesty in these cases.
  3. UCMJ Article 128 (Assault and Violent Crime): We represent those accused of violent crimes, understanding that soldiers are trained to respond to threats. Incidents escalating to assault charges require a vigorous defense to preserve a career and honor.
  4. UCMJ Article 112a (Drug Crimes): With changes in state laws regarding marijuana, the military’s stance on drug use faces challenges. We defend those accused of drug-related offenses, considering the evolving legal landscape and advocating for fair treatment.
  5. Punitive Articles of the UCMJ 77-134 (Military Specific Offenses): Addressing a wide range of military-specific offenses, we recognize that not all actions deemed violations carry the same weight or intent. Our defense considers the broader context, aiming to protect the careers and reputations of those we represent.
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Protect Your Future: Fight UCMJ Charges

How And Where To Fight Back Against Misuse of the UCMJ

The Bilecki Law Group is headquartered in sunny Tampa, Florida, but that doesn’t mean we won’t make the trip to snowy upstate New York for your defense. The truth is that military clients fly us in from all over the world to defend their cases. That’s because we have an aggressive defense that looks more like Lemon mounting a machine gun i n Vietnam rather than a defense huddling in a bunker asking the prosecutors to play nice. We fight for you because you understand your career, retirement, and even your freedom may be on the line.

We also reaffirm our belief that any soldier is more than the sum of charges against them. Had the NVA never attacked that night, any officer could have tried to bring him up on charges for drug use. Yes, drug use was common in Vietnam but that didn’t make it legal under the UCMJ. It took the fight of his life t o show what kind of man he was and the character he possessed. The fact that he was high as a kite when he made his gallant stand does not diminish that character one bit. 20210716 BLG – Location Pages (Fort Drum, NY) .docx If you are facing a court martial or are currently under investigation, reach out to us for a free consultation. We’ll shoot you straight and be honest as to exactly what you are facing. Then, so long as you are willing to make a gallant stand for your career and your reputation, so are we.

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