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You or someone you love is being investigated for or been accused of a criminal offense.

You do not know who to turn to, how to ask for help, or even what makes one attorney better than another. Is it the years of experience? The areas of specialty? The ratio of wins to losses in court? All of this matters. But in the end, the single most important factor standing between you and a conviction is the team you have representing your interests over the coming days, weeks and even months.

Experience is important.

But no individual defense attorney, no matter how experienced, will last long against a government army of paralegal staff, investigators, forensic experts, researchers, and multiple prosecutors. Even the most experienced attorney needs support to win.

Expertise in multiple fields must come together.

You will need a defense investigator with an extensive law enforcement background. You need access to expert forensic analysts, from DNA to forensic psychiatry. If you have been court-martialed while stationed in Asia or Europe, you need a defense team that understands the area and doesn’t need to be babysat after the land at the airport. No one person has access to all of this information.

The ratio of wins to losses is definitely a factor when hiring a law firm.

But many law firms only take on cases they know they can win to make sure their ratio stays high. We take the tough cases, the cases that are supposedly unwinnable, the cases that everyone else is scared to try. And we win.


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Learn More about the Attorneys and Support Staff that Make Up Bilecki Law Group, PLLC

Knives don’t win gunfights. And it takes more than a single defense attorney to go up against the full might of the government’s prosecutors. If you’ve been accused of a criminal offense and your freedom and future are at stake, hiring an experienced court-martial defense team is likely your only chance of victory in court.
Bilecki Law Group takes on both civilian and military cases. Our reach extends throughout the Pacific to Asia, Europe and beyond. Our people can reach you in most cases within hours after you reach out depending upon your circumstances.
  • Partners: Led by U.S. military veterans Timothy J. Bilecki at Bilecki Law Group have reputations as hard-hitting attack dogs in the courtroom. Whether you’re being tried in civilian or military court, our trial lawyers have what it takes to secure the best possible outcome for you in your trial.
  • Defense Investigator: Bilecki Law Group is perhaps the only court-martial defense firm in the country which employs its own, full-time, defense investigator. Having a dedicated investigator is vital to winning case. Attorneys who operate without one are at a significant disadvantage. Our investigator is a retired Marine CID agent who also retired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has over thirty years of law enforcement experience, is a certified digital forensic examiner, and is one of the best in the business.
  • Support Staff: Answering calls, crunching the numbers, digging through research—without a loyal support staff, your defense attorneys will quickly become overwhelmed. Bilecki Law Group has hand-selected only the best support staff to help us better serve the interests of our clients.
You’re up against a 90% conviction rate. Only Bilecki Law Group can swing the odds in your favor. Contact our law firm TODAY for a confidential consultation into your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Team

Tampa, Florida. Bilecki Law Group, PLLC was created to deliver the absolute best legal representation to service members facing court martial charges around the world. Our office is located on Harbour Island in beautiful Tampa, Florida. While, we defend court martial cases around the world, our focus is on representing service members who are stationed on the Eastern Seaboard and Southeast. This includes Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas.

Our team does a lot of work with U.S. Military, which means we travel to military bases around the world. The majority of our cases occur right here in the Pacific, including Hawaii, Korea, Okinawa, Mainland Japan and Guam. However, we do travel to Europe and the mainland U.S. for meritorious cases.

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