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USAG Camp Walker Court Martial Defense

At Bilecki Law Group, We believe every service member has earned their right to an aggressive defense on their day in court. We specialize in taking the fight to the prosecution and winning cases that others said were unwinnable.

Camp Walker trusts Bilecki Law Group for court martial defense

Camp Walker is not the largest United States Military Base in South Korea, but make no mistake about it, that base is as susceptible to experience the abuse and misuse of the UCMJ as any. That’s primarily because any overseas military installation command has to balance the needs of its Soldiers with the need to maintain proper public relations with the local population. If a Soldier gets drunk in town outside of Fort Sill and is arrested after urinating on a wall in front of the cops, he’s in trouble but his career will likely survive. If a Soldier pulls that stunt in Daegu outside of Camp Walker, the military justice system will absolutely destroy him in a public fashion just to appease the locals. This means that for the average service member stationed at Camp Walker, every charge is a serious charge and a potentially career ending one. Fighting a court martial at Camp Walker might seem like a long grueling affair, but perseverance is the only path to victory.

Unlawful Enlistment

Never Give Up Hope When Fighting A Court Martial At Camp Walker

When fighting a court martial while stationed overseas, we understand that it can seem like you are all alone. Military prosecutors and investigators understand this as well and use it against you in order to get you to admit guilt. However, take a little inspiration from another Army legend in South Korea who was a bit more isolated than you feel right now.

Major General William Dean of the 24th Infantry Division was given orders to hold the line at the city of Taejon against endless waves of North Koreans pouring across the border in 1950. His orders were to hold out until the 20th of July when the defenses of the Pusan Perimeter were expected to be complete. Despite the North Koreans arriving early in mass, the General pulled off this amazing feat.

Having ordered the retreat of all remaining elements, the General’s jeep got lost when it took a wrong turn. He later met up with some other Soldiers and when they were searching for water at night, he fell down a hill and became unconscious. Assuming he was dead, the other soldiers departed and General Dean was left alone behind enemy lines. He spent the next 36 days evading North Korean soldiers as he headed towards the Pusan Perimeter.

Just when he was almost there and after having lost 60 pounds, he was betrayed by South Koreans posing as friendly and became a POW. Finding out that he was a General, the North Koreans tortured and interrogated him with sheer brutality. The Army assumed him dead and awarded him the Medal of Honor posthumously. It wasn’t until 1953 when prisoner exchanges were discussed that the Army found out he was alive and he returned home a hero.

What Charges Can You Fight And Defend At Camp Walker?

We tell the story of General Dean because that’s likely how you feel when you are facing a court martial out of Camp Walker. You’re alone and thousands of miles from friends and family. Friends you thought you could trust turn out to be the Blue Falcons of the century. Military investigators try to intimidate you into a confession. You don’t have to give in. You can fight back and preserve to the end, but only if you are ready to fight. Below you’ll see just a few of the charges that we can help you fight out of Camp Walker.

  1. UCMJ Article 120 or Article 134 (Sex Offenses) – These cases can include rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, sexual assault of a minor, indecent viewing, indecent recording, forcible pandering, indecent exposure, and other Article 120 and Article 120(c) offenses.
    The military is currently executing a campaign to root out sexual misconduct in the military known as Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP). While we applaud the intent behind this campaign, the execution has been an absolute disaster.
    Allegations are treated as objective fact and soldiers have learned that an allegation against another soldier is a one way ticket out of Camp Walker and perhaps to a more favorable duty station. It’s not right and it sure as hell is not justice.
  2. UCMJ Article 121 (Fraud and Larceny) – We defend cases such as conspiracy to defraud the military, BAH fraud, OHA fraud, extortion, larceny, wrongful appropriation, and more. For the most part, we don’t find soldiers at Camp Walker accused of operating an international arms smuggling ring. Rather, it’s administrative errors related to alelged BAH fraud that get otherwise good Soldiers in trouble.
  3. UCMJ Article 128 (Assault and Violent Crime) – We represent service members facing charges including murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, assault, and cases involving self-defense and defense of another. This is another area that gets Soldiers out of Camp Walker in more trouble in South Korea than it would back home.
    Soldiers are off base minding their own business in a bar when some locals stir up trouble. The local attacks first and gets their ass kicked, but it is our Soldiers that face the stiff penalties due to public relations. The team here at Bilecki understands both the local and military laws in place regarding assault charges in South Korea.
  4. UCMJ Article 112a (Drug Crimes) – We defend cases involving drug possession, drug distribution, drug importation, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, positive urinalysis cases, tampering with urinalysis cases, and more. These cases often involve illegal controlled substances such as marijuana, LSD, methamphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, molly, opioids, analogues, and more.
    South Korea takes drug charges seriously and if you find yourself facing such charges here, it is essential that you get experienced counsel on your side that understands the various military and civilian jurisdictions at play. It is almost always the case that there is some civilian influence involved and yet, it is so often that it is our military service members that suffer the most extreme punishments.
  5. Punitive Articles of the UCMJ 77-134 (Military Specific Offenses) – These include charges such as fraternization, unauthorized absence (AWOL), disobeying a lawful order, conduct unbecoming an officer, and much more. Again, this is where we see some of the most ridiculous charges that would never see the light of day stateside. It’s all about maintaining control so that command’s don’t have to worry about an international incident with the local population. While we understand that intent, the application of the UCMJ in these cases is neither consistent nor fair.

How To Fight Back And Win A Court Martial Out Of Camp Walker

In order to understand how to fight back against a bullshit charge or court martial you have to understand why the military justice system exists to begin with. It doesn’t exist to uncover the truth or pursue justice. The military justice system exists to preserve military order and discipline. For that to work, they must make a public example out of someone by destroying their lives and the innocence or guilt of that person is irrelevant. If you don’t fight back they will make that example out of you.

From the moment that you are being investigated, the deck is being stacked against you. Military investigators conduct bad and biased investigations while overlooking any evidence that would bring doubt to your guilt. The prosecution has an almost unlimited budget and meanwhile, your free Defense JAG counsel has to beg the judge just to get another witness on the stand. Namesake and founder, Tim Bilecki, spent years inside the military justice system as a Senior Defense Counsel for the Army and he can testify to this first hand.

That’s why Bilecki conducts his own investigation. He puts together a defense so aggressive that it is a shame not to call it an offense. He takes the fight right to the heart of the military justice system. Military prosecutors are always looking for an easy win and they hate a fight, So, that’s exactly what we give them. We challenge them at every turn and cede to them nothing.

If you don’t fight back and if you play by their rules you will lose. You have to fight back and you have to get experienced counsel on your side. This is true even if you did mess up and make a bad decision. You don’t have to accept the worst that they can do to you. Bilecki flies in hard, heavy-hitting attorneys from stateside to defend you in South Korea. You’re on the front lines of our nation’s defense and you deserve the very best court martial defense available. If you are facing investigation or court martial out of Camp Walker, reach out to us and we’ll give you a free defense strategy session. Then, so long as you are willing to fight like hell, so are we. Give us a call and get us into this fight.

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FAQs About Military Court Martial Defense In South Korea

South Korea and the Pacific region, in general, has been the target of a relentless assault by military law enforcement in recent years. Service members are baited, accused and convicted of drug charges, sex crime charges, and fraud charges. Camp Walker is not exempt from these operations and indeed has been a target of very similar stings over the last decade.

Bilecki Law Group defends service members against all offenses under the UCMJ. If you’ve been accused of any crime whatsoever, contact our law offices immediately for a confidential consultation.

Cases bring us to South Korea on a regular basis. Our location in Tampa, FL allows us to reach you faster than any defense attorney headquartered in the mainland U.S.

“If you play the game by their rules and on their battlefield, you’ve got an exceptionally low chance of winning. Don’t play by their rules. Give them the last thing they were looking for... a FIGHT!”

- Timothy J. Bilecki

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