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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔


The Bilecki Law Group operates from the core belief that you cannot seek to coexist with a military justice system that is out to destroy you. We exist to give honorable military service members the ability to fight back. We exist to win.

Our Strategy Is Always Informed By The Mission

Much like warfare, if one does not have very defined military and political objectives, victory becomes elusive. One cannot develop the tactics to win if he or she cannot envision triumph. The strategy employed by the Bilecki Law Group centers around our mission, and our mission is to win. From the moment your investigation starts, the military justice system is setting into motion a series of events that will potentially destroy your career, sabotage your future, and perhaps even strip away your very freedom. These outcomes are not incidental to some bigger picture. They are the prosecution and the command’s objective. The military justice system is not in pursuit of justice, but order, and you are the one who pays the price for that order. You are their “example,” their “deterrence measure.”

Our mission is to stop them. We employ every tool and tactic at our disposal to accomplish that end result. This means that our strategy is to stop them at every opportunity and convey a message: that you are not an easy target. You are not their straw man, and if they need you, they will have to go through us. The command will often cite to lofty principles such as “good order and discipline,” but its method of obtaining these noble objectives are often anything but noble. Their ends will always justify their means. The United States Military may very well have the order and discipline it requires, but that will not come at the expense of our clients. We are situated in between the US Military Justice System and our clients, and we exist to win.

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The War For Your Freedom Starts As Soon As We Are Retained

When does the fight for your career, retirement, or freedom begin? It starts the moment we are retained. The military justice system tries to utilize speed to ensure that you don’t have the time to properly defend yourself. That is why some of our earliest contacts are with the prosecution and the investigators. We want them to understand that they have a fight on their hands, and if they want an easy target, they better move on to the next guy because you are not it.

Simultaneously, we are seeking to rob the prosecution of the clock advantage. Unless there is a strategic advantage to going to court quickly, where more time can be litigated, we take it. We know what to do with that time. As we seek to understand your side of the story, we deploy our own investigation to pursue the truth that NCIS, CID, or OSI intentionally overlooked. It is common for the prosecution to assume any defense attorney will have only just familiarized themselves with the reports, witnesses, or scene of the alleged incident. What they soon find out is that Bilecki is not just any defense attorney.

A First-Hand Investigation They Were Not Expecting

Your average JAG defense counsel will have read the reports, looked at the pictures, and perhaps talked to a witness or two. Meanwhile, Bilecki will launch a first-hand investigation because our mission dictates we do so, and when NCIS, CID, or OSI agents take the stand, they are not expecting the defense to catch them in their overt deceit or, at best, their routine laziness.

We’ve visited the scene of the incident and whether that was a barracks room where an alleged sexual assault occurred or a street out in Jacksonville where a Marine was involved in a brawl, we show up. We leave no stone unturned, and we look for what we know, for a fact that the investigators intentionally missed or apathetically didn’t care to examine. They always miss something. Simply put, your defense cannot rely on the prosecution’s investigation to determine the facts.

Our mission is to win and that demands first-hand knowledge. That first-hand knowledge is what the investigators are not expecting, and it destroys their testimony upon cross examination. Mr. Bilecki’s early legal mentor and legendary Miami criminal trial lawyer, Joel Hirschhorn, said it best: “to win, you must focus on the quality of your representation, not the quantity of cases. You must investigate, organize, prepare, and present your case the old fashioned way: hard work, long hours, meticulous attention to even the smallest detail, a lot of perspiration, and a little inspiration.”

Our Mission Dictates We Fight At Every Turn

Show us a court martial defense attorney who routinely tells you to waive the Article 32 hearing, and we’ll show you an attorney whose mission is not to win. Your life is on the line. As such, we waive nothing. We give up no attempt to fight back and only in rare cases where a tactical advantage is gained do we waive the Article 32. We stand and we fight at every turn. That’s because the prosecution has come to believe the Article 32 is a mere formality. They are not prepared for Bilecki to show up ready to brawl, present evidence, call witnesses, and cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, i.e., accusers they will trot in with little to no preparation.

When this shock and awe approach hits the prosecution right in the mouth, they often fold when they realize just how much time and effort it’s going to take prosecute you. The preliminary hearing officer may recommend that the case not go to trial, or the government may drop all of the charges right there. This is not just a possibility, but a reality we frequently witness. Every court martial defense attorney who waived the Article 32 haphazardly has committed a dereliction of duty. It reflects a fear of failure, versus a drive to prevail.

Unapologetic Cross-Examination Is The Path To Victory

Gunfights are notoriously unkind to the second place finisher. The grunts on the ground don’t have to apologize for gifting violence back to the enemy like it was scumbag Christmas. Similarly, court martials are notoriously unkind to the second place finisher, and as such, a defense attorney must be willing to shred the prosecution’s witnesses down to their last atom if need be…and do so unapologetically.

A free JAG defense attorney may hesitate when he or she sees the rank of a witness, or, given the military prosecutor’s ability to rise through the ranks, maybe your free JAG doesn’t want to make his or her future boss look bad. Mr. Bilecki’s time with the Army JAG Corps is long done and he will not hesitate to pull the trigger on any witness the prosecution puts forward with a devastating cross examination.

That’s because we know that the military justice system has been in pursuit of your conviction as opposed to justice. This means they almost always build a seemingly strong case on a flimsy foundation. Thorough, aggressive, and unapologetic cross-examination exposes that foundation and sends the whole case crashing down around it. The higher the rank on the witness, the greater the fall as far as Bilecki is concerned. Show us a JAG who doesn’t believe the same and we’ll show you a JAG who does not have the same objective. Our mission is to win and we apologize to no one along the way.

Flipping The Credibility Script Is An Elite Tactic

Our military’s reserve forces have done some great things for this nation, but there is a reason our country didn’t send “weekend warriors” deep into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden. Elite missions require elite tactics performed by elite operators – people who know what they’re doing. So it is with flipping the credibility script on the prosecution at trial. Not everyone can pull this off, but the Bilecki Law Group isn’t your backwoods part-time lawyer looking to make a little extra cash on the weekends. We’re the “pipe hitters” of court martial defense.

The defendant in any court martial faces an instant credibility gap. The panel sees the prosecution as the arbiter of military discipline, the judge as the dispenser of justice, and the command that is prosecuting you as the shining city upon a hill. Meanwhile, you’re the dirtbag, blue falcon that is standing in the way. You’re the troublemaker.
While we are simultaneously shredding the prosecution’s case in front of the panel, we are building you up in the eyes of the panel. Yes, you may have made an error in judgement, but you also pulled two of your buddies from a burning AAV in Ramadi. The prosecution calls you evil, but it was you that shielded kids in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan when the Taliban indiscriminately attacked. Whatever it was, your service record and sacrifice should still mean something.

We’ll handle being the bad guy, because the prosecution’s unjust and flimsy case warrants such aggression. You, we’ll present you for who you are because we firmly believe that every client we represent is more than the sum of the charges against them. This is not an easy maneuver, and, when less experienced lawyers try to flip the credibility script, it ends about as well as it would tasking an ROTC unit with hostage rescue.

A Brutal Examination of the Facts At Hand

Legendary Marine General James “Chaos” Mattis famously said of leadership in warfare, “you cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dreamworld, it’s going to be bad.” The mission of the Bilecki Law Group is to win and, in that pursuit of our mission, we cannot ignore the brutal facts. That brutal truth is that the military justice system enjoys an extremely high conviction rate because they stack the deck against you from day one.

We cannot ignore the truth that military investigators have their own mission: to build your conviction. It is not about discovering the truth. That brutal fact compels us to conduct our own independent investigation. We cannot ignore the brutal fact that military prosecutors have an unlimited budget and never ending resources at their disposal. That brutal fact has shaped our specialty: asymmetrical warfare. We match their money and manpower with intelligence, efficiency, and a harder work ethic.

We cannot ignore the brutal truth that, if deceit is needed to secure your conviction, the prosecution will employ it as needed. That brutal truth compels us to cross examine witnesses with unapologetic hostility. The brutal truth is that it is a crapshoot whether your free JAG defense attorney will care more about your career than his or her own.

We operate with the understanding of these brutal truths. They can dominate your perimeter and give rise to hopelessness under the circumstances. The military is too big to pay you much heed, and if you throw yourself to its mercy, it will thank you for making its job easier, and roll over you without fanfare. There may not be too many people out there who can serve like you have, but there are several willing to try. The brutal truth is – at the end of the day – the military has deemed you replaceable.
In port, a flag flies from the jackstaff of every Naval ship. It has red and white stripes with a yellow snake, reading “Don’t tread on me.” Our objective is to set you apart in the eyes of the military justice system, to put them on notice – prosecuting you is a minefield. You are not something that can be simply “rolled over” without incurring a certain amount of harm.

Our methodology runs counter to everything you have come to understand about the military, where the objective is to fit in neatly, keep your head down, and due what you are told. The brutal truth is that you cannot coexist with a military justice system that is trying to destroy you. The truth is that you must fight back, and for that mission alone does the Bilecki Law Group exist.

Don’t just plead guilty… Fight Back !