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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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Fort Stewart
Court Martial Defense

Fort Stewart, Georgia, stands as a crucial base for Army operations, blending diverse backgrounds as it specializes in mechanized infantry and armored vehicle training. It offers a dynamic environment where numerous service members either begin or further their military careers, often encountering the complexities of UCMJ regulations.

Defending Soldiers' Rights

How Fort Stewart Soldiers Can Snatch Victory From Defeat During a Military Court Martial

The military justice system often achieves high conviction rates, particularly when charges go uncontested or when defendants rely solely on JAG Trial Defense Services. This system, aimed at upholding discipline, unfortunately may not always serve justice fairly, occasionally sacrificing innocent soldiers in the process. The story of First Sergeant Leonard Funk during World War II exemplifies the power of defiance and strategic aggression. Despite overwhelming odds, Funk’s audacious counterattack against 80 Germans showcases the potential of turning the tables when all seems lost, a principle we apply in defending our clients.

At the Bilecki Law Group, we specialize in aggressive at-trial defense, challenging the military justice system’s preference for easy victories. Our approach is akin to Funk’s fearless combat stance, designed to place the prosecution on the defensive and secure our clients’ futures. The system may prefer compliance over confrontation, but our firm thrives on the battle for justice, ensuring that when you choose to fight for your career, retirement, and freedom, we bring the battle to the very doorstep of the military justice system, ready to defend your rights with the tenacity and strategy they least expect.

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Combatting UCMJ Misuse

What Kind Of UCMJ Charges Can Bilecki Help Me Fight?

If you can be charged with it, you can fight it. If you can fight it, then you can win it. We’re not sure what Funk was thinking about the odds, but he knew the only answer was to fight. It is the same thing when you are up against the military justice system. The charge doesn’t matter, because your life will be measurably better if you just fight. With that in mind, we will step up to defend some of the most serious charges and you’ll find a list of some below. You’ll see that we don’t scare easily and like Funk, we believe the odds are stacked against the prosecution once we get involved.

  1. Sex Offenses (UCMJ Article 120 & 134): The military’s aggressive campaign against sexual assault sometimes prosecutes innocent service members, mistaking allegations for guilt. Victims and the accused both deserve true justice.
  2. Fraud and Larceny (UCMJ Article 121): Whether it’s misplaced gear or BAH fraud, often the wrong person faces consequences. We fight to ensure the entire story is heard, defending those unjustly accused.
  3. Assault and Violent Crime (UCMJ Article 128): Righteous intentions can escalate into serious charges. We defend service members to ensure a fair trial, especially when self-defense turns into assault allegations.
  4. Drug Crimes (UCMJ Article 112a): Despite civilian involvement, service members bear the brunt of drug charges. We challenge these accusations, aiming for a complete narrative in court.
  5. Military Specific Offenses (UCMJ Articles 77-134): Enforcement of punitive articles varies greatly between commands, leading to inconsistent and sometimes unfair disciplinary actions. We advocate for equitable treatment under the UCMJ.
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Protect Your Future: Fight UCMJ Charges

How To Fight Against Misuse And Abuse of the UCMJ

Namesake and founder Tim Bilecki knows what you are up against because he spent years within the military justice system as a senior defense counsel for the Army. He spent so much time watching that same system screw over good men and women that when he exited the military, he committed to fighting for them on this side of the uniform. He’s not looking for that next promotion in rank or concerned about his own military career. Tim will stick it to the military justice systems as unapologetically as Funk stuck it to the Germans. Reach out to us and let’s snatch victory from defeat and fight for your career, retirement, and freedom.

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