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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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At Bilecki Law Group, we believe that from sea to shining sea our service members deserve the best court martial defense in the nation. We fly in hard-hitting attorneys to any military installation in the world and we take the fight straight to the heart of the militaryjustice system.

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If you are facing investigation or court martial right now there is a reasonable chance that you are scared as hell right now and with good reason. Military prosecutors boast a high conviction rate and they stack the deck against the defense from the start. That’s because the military justice system does not exist to pursue justice or uncover the truth. It exists to preserve military order and for that to work they have to make a public example out of someone. They have to destroy someone’s life in public fashion and if you do not prepare to fight back they will make that example out of you.

At Bilecki Law Group, we’ve been taking the fight to the heart of the military justice system for decades now. We take the cases other court martial defense attorneys run from and most importantly, we win. That’s because we deploy a no holds barred aggressive approach that cedes to the prosecution nothing and takes from them everything. We hire our own investigators because we know we can’t trust military investigators. We take their adverse witnesses and absolutely destroy them during cross-examination.

We understand that military prosecutors love an easy win and that’s what we deny them. We’ve even had cases where the prosecution withdrew the charges just weeks before trial because they realize they are going to be absolutely destroyed in front of the judge and panel. Certainly, if there is an easy off-ramp we know how to tactically navigate that road to grant you the best possible outcome. However, you have to come to the table ready for a fight if you hope to win.

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Legal Hurdles for U.S. Troops Abroad

It's impossible to coexist with a military justice system intent on your downfall

The military justice system does not fight fair and even if you love the military, you have to understand the tactics that they will deploy against you. Here are just a few of the injustices we see on military installations across the nation.

Ethical Concerns in Law Enforcement Tactics

Instances of baiting service members into committing crimes, questioning the fairness and justice of such practices.

Misuse of Sexual Harassment/Assault Campaigns

The shift from a protective campaign to a potential tool for wrongful career damage due to unfounded allegations.

Investigative Shortcomings

A focus on finding guilt over truth, leading to overlooked evidence and ignored witnesses, which can unjustly impact service members’ lives.

Bilecki has made it his personal mission to ensure that every military service member has access to the very best military court martial defense available to fight these injustices.

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The Complexities of Military Justice and Defense

How To Fight Back And Win Against A Military Court Martial In The USA

At 14, Jack Lucas, future Medal of Honor winner, enlisted in the military by falsifying his age, leading to a series of military infractions including underage drinking, brawling, and going AWOL before heroically throwing himself on grenades to save his fellow Marines at Iwo Jima at 17. This narrative highlights how even the most commendable service members can find themselves at odds with the UCMJ, demonstrating that adherence to military law can sometimes conflict with acts of extraordinary valor. It’s a stark reminder that the application of UCMJ can unjustly impact those it aims to govern, especially when handled arbitrarily.

Recognizing the harsh realities of the military justice system, where the scales are often tipped against the defense, Bilecki Law Group is committed to providing vigorous representation to service members worldwide. With a deep understanding of the systemic imbalances, including limited resources for defense compared to the prosecution’s vast budget, our approach aims to rectify the imbalance, ensuring that service members receive the best possible defense. Our founder, Tim Bilecki’s experience as a senior defense counsel, underpins our strategy to secure favorable outcomes for our clients, regardless of the allegations they face.


FAQs About Military Court Martial Defense In The United States

Bilecki Law Group is located in Tampa, Florida, but we’ve made the entire world our AOR. It’s been our experience that when overseas prosecutors see that you’ve flown in hard-hitting counsel from the United States that they know they now have a fight on their hands.

Absolutely as we are a global military court martial defense group. Clients fly us into Japan, Korea, Europe and beyond to fight for them because they know we hold nothing back. So whether you are a Marine suffering in the heat of 29 Palms or an Airman freezing in Minot AFB, we’ll be there for you.

We take the cases that others deem unwinnable or undesirable to defend because know that in the era of Sexual Harassment/Assault and Prevention (SHARP) that a large number of the cases are absolute bullshit. Good men and women are having their lives ruined through the misapplication of this campaign and we stand by their side ready to fight back.

Well, that’s not a helpful position to be in, but we know how military investigators play upon your isolation in Japan and scare you into an admission. Give us a call. Reach out to us and we’ll shoot you straight on what you are facing. There is still time to fight back. There is still time to secure for yourself the best possible outcome. Don’t let them take everything from you.

“If you play the game by their rules and on their battlefield, you’ve got an exceptionally low chance of winning. Don’t play by their rules. Give them the last thing they were looking for... a FIGHT!”

- Timothy J. Bilecki


Are You Really Worldwide? You’ll Travel Anywhere?

Yes. Located in Tampa, Florida, Bilecki Law Group has been defending UCMJ and court martial cases around the world for more than 15 years. With a significant history of cases in the Pacific, including Hawaii, Korea, Okinawa, and mainland Japan, our expertise also covers the United States and Europe. With over 2 million miles flown in defense of military service members for UCMJ investigations, separation boards, and court martial trials, we are fully prepared to travel anywhere across the globe to win your case.

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