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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔


At Bilecki Law Group, We believe every service member has earned their right to an aggressive defense on their day in court. We specialize in taking the fight to the prosecution and winning cases that others said were unwinnable.

Have You Been Accused of a Homicide in Hawaii?

Your actions in the coming days and weeks could come to define the rest of your life.
Accusations of homicide—whether intentional or accidental—have shocked you and your family and turned your world upside down. The state would have you stand trial over the death of another human being. Should you be convicted, you will be called a murderer, a felon, and a convict. You will be shown no mercy by the court. Even now, you may already be found guilty in the court of public opinion.
You may have assumptions or ideas about how your trial will go and what you stand to lose. You should leave those assumptions behind right now. You have too much at stake to risk the outcome of your trial on rosy assumptions and optimistic outcomes.

Because 9 times out of 10, the state will get their man.

  • Prison is a near-certainty in most homicide cases.  Even if the death was accidental, a jury may still find you liable.  We are not talking about years in jail. We are talking decades.
  •  Homicide trials are scandalous and very often picked up by state and local media.  You may have your 15 minutes of fame for all the wrong reasons. Your reputation could be destroyed overnight.
  • homicide conviction can destroy a marriage.  It is possible you may never be able to see your children again.
A homicide conviction could destroy your future. Do not risk it. Contact Bilecki Law Group TODAY to start fighting back.

I’ve Been Accused of a Homicide. Now What?

If you are already in custody, do not cooperate with law enforcement.  If you are asked questions about the case, request to have an attorney present. If family or friends want answers, tell them to be patient.  Under no circumstances should you discuss the case with anybody but your attorneys.

The reasoning behind this is simple: anything you say may be used against you in your trial.
No matter how harmless it seems at the time, no matter how private you think the conversation is, what you say could have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.
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What Do States Look at to Determine Punishment?

Every homicide case is different, and every state has its own laws governing homicides. But despite the complexities, all homicides share one thing in common: somebody has been killed. And the state must determine who is culpable in that death and whether that death was intentional or unintentional.
Therefore, the state or federal government will consider these factors in every case:
  1. Was the death caused by negligence, such as a drunk driver killing a pedestrian?  Or did the accused willfully intend to kill another person? 
  2. If the death was intentional, was it done in cold blood (preparation went into the murder), or was it a crime of passion (the killing of a spouse who was caught cheating). 
  3. Did the accused have a legal right to kill the victim?  For example, it is legal in every state to defend you and your family from a home intruder. 
Do not assume innocence or a lack of evidence will protect you from a guilty verdict. Contact Bilecki Law Group TODAY to ensure the best possible outcome in your homicide case.

Bilecki Law Group: A Trusted Name in Homicide Defense

Allegations of a homicide can rend families apart, destroy finances, and end careers. It can also leave you behind bars for the rest of your life. The risks are often so great in fact that accused individuals aggressively seek out the very best law firms to defend their interests in court.

These law firms are not cheap. But when their fees are placed side by side with the outcome of a conviction, the cost looks like pennies in comparison.

Bilecki Law Group is one of the most reputable and experienced criminal law firms operating in Hawaii. We consistently secure positive outcomes for our clients even for the most difficult and “impossible” homicide cases.

So why have so many clients trusted Bilecki Law Group to represent them in court?

  • We are experienced in state and federal homicide laws: Bilecki Law Group has been defending our clients from homicide charges for decades.  From voluntary and involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder—we’ve seen it all, and we can use that experience to secure the best possible outcome in your case.  
  • We can reach you quickly: Bilecki Law Group is based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Whether you need an investigator with crime scene experience or an attorney to provide immediate representation, we can be by your side within hours of retaining our firm.   
  • We have the resources to take on the state: Depending on the circumstances we can devote a substantial amount of resources to securing a positive outcome for your case.  Our network of consultants and specialists is waiting to move forward on your case at the drop of a dime. 
A homicide conviction will cost you more than just money. Your freedom, your family, and your future are on the line. Do not risk what you hold most dear. Call us TODAY and start fighting back.
UCMJ Article 87b

Frequently Asked Questions About Homicide Defense

Absolutely you do. And for a number of reasons:

  1. You do not know what the government has against you.  The state will say almost anything to get a confession out of you.  You cannot know what they have for certain until you hire a defense attorney to begin probing the prosecution’s case. 
  2. Even if incriminating evidence is present, it may not be admissible in court.  One mistake on a warrant could lead to certain evidence being thrown out entirely.
  3. Even if the incriminating evidence is present and finds its way into your trial, it still may not be a silver bullet.  Bilecki Law Group has managed to turn the government’s own forensic evidence against them on dozens of occasions. 

Homicide is often broken down into two types: manslaughter and murder. 

Manslaughter is a homicide that occurs due to the negligence of the accused. It may be voluntary (done in the heat of passion) or involuntary (accidental, such as a drunk driving accident.)

Murder is a homicide that occurs with willful intent.  First-degree murder is the cold-blooded killing of another person, usually after extensive planning.  Second and third-degree murder is often without premeditation, and can sometimes be brought down to voluntary manslaughter. 

Bilecki Law Group is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.  We accept state court cases throughout the Hawaiian Islands. 

Don’t just plead guilty… Fight Back !