Military Drug Crimes

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You’ve been accused of the possession, trafficking or use of drugs as a service member of the U.S. armed forces. Your career, reputation, and freedom have come under fire. As the vice tightens, you cannot tell the difference between your allies, and your enemies.

  • The country you swore to protect now fights to have you incarcerated and your reputation demolished in a very public fashion.
  • Your brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces already believe you’re guilty. Acquaintances and even friends are watching you drown and think you’ll take them down with you.
  • Your very defense attorney from the JAG office tells you to plead guilty and accept the first deal offered to you because that’s the best you’ll get.

We here at Bilecki Law Group believe every service member has earned their right to an aggressive defense on their day in court. We specialize in taking the fight to the prosecution and winning cases that others said were unwinnable.

Bilecki Law Group has successfully represented dozens of service members accused of trumped-up drug charges by U.S. military prosecutors. We give our Soldiers surf after being freed from a drug case men and women in uniform a fighting chance when all others have abandoned them. We take the fight to the prosecution, and time and again, we win.

We Defend Service Members against All Major Drug Offenses in the United States Military

The threat to your military career and civilian future is both clear and present. You may be facing:

  • The total collapse of your military career. You may be dishonorably discharged for even the smallest of drug charges. Your GI benefits will disappear overnight. You will be stripped of your rank and your service will be forgotten.
  • Your civilian future hangs in the balance. A dishonorable discharge is public knowledge for all to see. Your dream job may be handed to another former service member or civilian with a clean record.
  •  The current administration is going after drug offenders hard and fast. This zero tolerance policy could land you in jail for years without proper legal representation.

Bilecki Law Group is often the last line of defense you have against an enemy that wishes to publicly shame you and put you behind bars. You owe it to yourself to contact us TODAY and speak with one of our expert defense attorneys.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Offenses

How Have Drug Charges Changed Under the Trump Administration?

Expect to be hit hard in your court-martial. Much like the Obama administration went after service members accused of sexual assault with a zeal we’ve never seen before, the Trump administration is looking to go after drug offenders with the same kind of determination.

This will only lead to harsher sentencing and more aggressive tactics by prosecutors. This is why it’s more important than ever that you have court martial lawyers with a proven record for winning drug cases in the military.

Why Do Drug Charges Go Public So Quickly?

The War on Drugs is ongoing, and command wants to be seen as aggressively tackling this problem to show they are taking a stand on preserving good order and discipline. The more service members that get prosecuted under their watch, the tougher they look to their superiors. And the likelier it is they’ll get promoted.

Command is more than okay with your very public hanging. They need some red meat to throw at the public now and then to confirm that they’re winning the “War on Drugs.”

What Constitutes as Lawful and Unlawful Drug Possession?

Not all drug use is wrongful. The lawful use of prescription drugs is an obvious example. The ingestion of a substance a person believes is powdered sugar, but is actually cocaine, for example, would not be wrongful. And these are just two examples we’ve seen in court cases around the world.

In a similar vein, recent DEA sting operations resulted in the indictment of a number of active duty and formerly active duty service members for drug trafficking charges. These sting operations involve casting a large net that captures innocent people, as well as actual street-level dealers and traffickers.

Regardless of the charges brought against you, and no matter how much evidence the military says they have on you, we can help. Bilecki Law Group defends service members accused of the full spectrum of drug offenses. From relatively minor positive urinalysis charges to international drug trafficking, we have the experience, street smarts and tenacity to take on drug offenses at all levels.

Drug Court Martial Defense Practice Areas

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