Sodomy | Case Result

Location: Fort Polk , Louisiana Rank: Army CW04
Charges: Sodomy Result: Full Acquittal.
A retirement eligible helicopter pilot was falsely accused of sexual assault by another male Soldier in his unit.  He was told that the case was “hopeless” by the free military defense attorney detailed to represent him.  This Army pilot knew that he needed a fighter in his corner to actually investigate the case and prove his innocence.  Court martial lawyer Timothy Bilecki was retained and traveled to Fort Polk, Louisiana to view the scene, interview witnesses and prepare the defense. Nearly a year later, the case was tried before a panel of officers. Mr. Bilecki conducted a devastating cross examination of the alleged victim exposing his motive to lie and make up the allegations.  While the trial took nearly a week, it didn’t take the jury long to reach a verdict.  FULL ACQUITTAL.  Not Guilty of All Charges and Specifications.
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