7 Alleged Victims – Child Sexual Assault – Case Results

Location: Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Rank: Marine Corps, E-3
Charges: 7 Alleged Victims – Child Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault (multiple alleged victims), Video Recording Sexual Acts without Consent, Use of Narcotics, Making Threats Result: Government Sought 20 Years and a DD, sentenced to 24 months and a BCD

A Marine was accused of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter, making over 37 hours of sex videos without the other participants’ consent, sexually assaulting two females, using drugs, and making threats to the alleged sexual assault victims.

In an incredibly complicated case where all of the evidence seemed insurmountable, Mr. Bilecki, and his team of investigators and military defense counsel took the case head-on and battled the government relentlessly.

After a difficult trial against a mountain of evidence, Mr. Bilecki’s client was found, Not Guilty on the majority of the most serious charges, including the child sexual assault, one of the sexual assaults, and the threats. The accused received a conviction for production of the videos, one specification of forcible sodomy, which was documented on video, and he pled guilty to the drug charges.

The government originally sought 20 years of confinement and a dishonorable discharge, but the Marine was sentenced to only 24 months confinement and a bad-conduct discharge.