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Most people will never need to hire an attorney. But for those that do their choice of law firm will be one of the most important decisions they will ever make. The question of who you want by your side to represent you in your trial has life-long consequences. It could mean the difference between living the rest of your life as a free man or spending the remainder of your days behind bars.

There are many other factors which influence a trial, but none are as significant as who you choose to represent you in court.

  • The truth will not protect you. Many believe that what is happens in a court-martial or state court has to do with what really happened. This is naïve. The truth is used as a tool by both the prosecutors and the defense alike to tell a narrative which sways the jury one way or another. Truth is valuable, but what’s more valuable is the skill in which your attorney can make it work to your advantage.
  • Evidence in your favor will not protect you. Evidence, much like truth, can be manipulated by both the prosecution and the defense to suit a narrative. It is reckless and dangerous to both your freedom and your future to assume the government has no evidence against you, or that the testimony of a key witness will secure your innocence.
  • Your military service will not protect you. The government will not go easy on you if you’ve served honorably in the military or previously deployed. In fact, they may work even harder to convict you, especially if it means preserving America’s relationships with foreign governments.

Bilecki & Tipon employs only the most experienced attorneys to represent you in court. Put that experience to work for you in your court case, starting today.


Meet the Attorneys of Bilecki & Tipon LLLC

You don’t pit a JV team against a varsity opponent. You never send out fresh recruits to kill the Bin Ladens of the world. And you’d never choose a JAG officer fresh out of law school to represent your interests over an experienced, take-no-prisoners civilian defense counsel.

Bilecki & Tipon has been at this a long time. We’ve seen what experienced advocacy can do for clients in the right circumstances. For instance:

  • Aggressive advocacy throws prosecutors off guard: We see it time and again. Playing offense and using aggressive tactics to hit the prosecution at their weakest points can throw the government’s case into disarray and lead them to make mistakes they’ll later regret.
  • Cross-examinations destroy star witnesses: The testimony of a government’s star witness will often make or break a case. But even the most damning testimony can be thrown into doubt after a blistering cross-examination catches them off guard.
  • Nuanced details can win “unwinnable” cases: The smallest detail can turn an otherwise “unwinnable” case into an outright victory for our clients. The attorneys at Bilecki & Tipon have been trying tough cases for decades and understand the nuances which can spell the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

When you need heavy-hitting, aggressive advocacy, Bilecki & Tipon is the ONLY choice. Contact our law firm today to set up your confidential consultation.

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FAQ'S About Our Attorneys

What Type of Cases Do Your Attorneys Take?

Bilecki & Tipon takes all represent service members who are under investigation, facing courts-martial, adverse administrative actions or non-judicial punishment. We also represent service members and civilians who are facing criminal charges in the state of Hawaii in both state and federal court. We do not take on civil litigation or family law matters.

Are Your Attorneys Prepared to Travel?

Yes. Our attorneys and our investigator travel all the time throughout the Pacific and other locations. And we can also call on our network of specialists to provide expert witness testimony anywhere in the world.

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