Marine E-4, with multiple charges of Attempted Sexual Assault and Abuse | Case Result

Location: Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan Rank: Marine , E-4
Charges: Attempted sexual assault of a child x 2 , Attempted sexual abuse of a child x 2. Result: PTA, Not guilty of attempted sexual assault of a child , Guilty of indecent exposure and indirect language

A Marine Corporal stationed at Camp Foster, Okinawa had been charged by military police when he was caught in a NCIS “To Catch a Predator” sting operation. He was subsequently charged with two specifications of attempted sexual assault of a child and two specifications of attempted sexual abuse of a child. Mr. Bilecki was quickly retained to the case and immediately began preparations to contest all charges and specifications in front of a jury. The week prior to trial, our client sought protection from the two most serious charges (the sexual assault charges), and requested that Mr. Bilecki negotiate a pre-trial agreement. A pre-trial agreement was approved in which our client would plead guilty to one specification of indecent language and one specification of indecent exposure – both relating to his chats with the undercover NCIS agent. This pre-trial agreement significantly lowered the category of sex offender registration for our client and reduced his confinement exposure.