Marine Pvt. First Class Nicholas James-McLean has been arrested in Okinawa, Japan. This arrest is following a deadly vehicle crash, in which police are stating his blood alcohol content was 3 times the legal limit. As a result, a local man was killed, and the case has been sent to the Naha prosecutor’s office. Consequently, James-McLean may face indictment. Following this accident, Okinawa residents are continuing their ongoing protest the U.S. military presence on the Japanese island, as there is a general sense of public outrage.

Japan is calling for the U.S. military to “enforce the strict discipline and take preventive steps and give a sincere response to the bereaved family.” The current climate in Okinawa is that of public anger against American servicemen and women. The military is currently planning to reduce the number of marines in the next several years. It is not yet clear if James-McLean has retained a military criminal defense attorney in Okinawa.