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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔

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Fort Polk
Court Martial Defense

Fort Polk, Louisiana, serves as a crucial center for military development, weaving together diverse cultural backgrounds as it supports units specialized in infantry training and Joint Readiness operations. It acts as a vibrant setting where numerous service members carve out their professional trajectories, frequently encountering the intricacies of UCMJ regulations.

Defending Soldiers' Rights

The War Starts Today for Fort Polk Soldiers Fighting An Unjust Court Martial

Facing a military investigation or court martial at Fort Polk, Louisiana, marks a critical juncture in your military career, embodying both a significant challenge and a vital opportunity to assert your rights. This moment, though daunting, is your call to action, much like General Theodore Roosevelt Jr.’s during D-Day. Roosevelt, despite his age and health, demonstrated unmatched bravery by leading his troops under challenging circumstances at Utah Beach, earning the Medal of Honor for his actions. His determination to “start the war from right here” serves as a powerful inspiration for our defense approach, emphasizing resilience and the courage to fight against perceived injustices within the military justice system.

The Bilecki Law Group approaches each case with this spirit of tenacity and resolve, understanding the stakes involved in your fight for career, retirement, and freedom. Whether you’re unjustly prosecuted or seeking redemption after a misstep, the battle against the military justice system demands a robust defense, strategic planning, and unwavering bravery. Our commitment is to stand with you, providing the necessary support and expertise to navigate this complex ordeal. Echoing General Roosevelt’s valor, we’re prepared to give the military justice system the fight of their lives, ensuring your story is heard and justice is served.

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Combatting UCMJ Misuse

What Types of UCMJ Charges Can We Fight Out of Fort Polk?

Long story short, if the military justice system can charge you for it, then we can defend it.Founder and namesake Tim Bilecki served for years as senior defense counsel for the Army and then for over a decade as a civilian defense counsel.He saw firsthand that the last thing the military justice system wants is a fight and that’s why Tim takes the fight to their shores. The Bilecki Law Groups specializes in at-trial courtroom representation during a court martial. We pursue a defensive strategy so aggressive it might be better classified as an offense. When it comes to the charges we defend, you’ll find some of the more common below and notice that we don’t scare easily.

  1. Sex Offenses (UCMJ Article 120 & 134): Amidst the military’s crackdown on sexual misconduct, the rush to judgment can unfairly label innocent service members as guilty. We stand ready to defend those unjustly accused, ensuring their stories are heard and justice prevails.
  2. Fraud and Larceny (UCMJ Article 121): BAH fraud and other financial misconduct charges often stem from misunderstandings or overzealous investigations. Our goal is to protect service members from career-ending consequences over financial discrepancies.
  3. Assault and Violent Crime (UCMJ Article 128): Physical altercations, especially involving makeshift weapons, can escalate charges quickly. We advocate for a fair examination of the circumstances, especially in cases where service members are disproportionately penalized compared to civilian instigators.
  4. Drug Crimes (UCMJ Article 112a): With changing state laws on substances like marijuana, military personnel face unique challenges. We defend those caught in the crossfire of evolving legal standards, fighting for equitable treatment and understanding.
  5. Military Specific Offenses (UCMJ Articles 77-134): The UCMJ is crucial for maintaining discipline, yet inconsistent application can lead to severe penalties for minor infractions. We contest these charges on principle, aiming to ensure fair and balanced enforcement for all service members.
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Protect Your Future: Fight UCMJ Charges

Fort Polk Soldiers are More Than the Sum Of Charges Against Them

While General Roosevelt is celebrated for his valor, it’s important to acknowledge he faced his share of controversies, including being relieved from command due to neglecting military discipline. This aspect of his history underscores that individuals are often more than their perceived shortcomings or the charges against them. Like Roosevelt, many in military history have faced challenges yet went on to serve with distinction. If you’re dealing with an investigation or court martial, we’re here to offer a straightforward consultation. Should you choose to fight the accusations, we’re ready to stand by you. This moment in your career might be unexpected, but it’s an opportunity to demonstrate resilience and determination, starting your battle for justice from where you stand.

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