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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔


At Bilecki Law Group, We believe every service member has earned their right to an aggressive defense on their day in court. We specialize in taking the fight to the prosecution and winning cases that others said were unwinnable.

America’s forces in Bahrain have played a pivotal role in some of the most volatile conflicts to come out of the Middle East, providing protection and logistical support for troops on the ground, and recreational and health activities for those men and women on R&R. Naval Support Activity Bahrain—the largest military installation in Bahrain—is home to thousands of service members, including the 5th fleet garrison.

For the vast majority of service members, Bahrain will be just one more bend in the road to advancing their military career and achieving their goals. For others, Bahrain will be their final tour of duty—the place where a single mistake cost them everything: their military career, their civilian future, and even their family and friends.

  • A court-martial could destroy your military career. The vast majority of court-martial charges call for the service member to be sent to prison and be punitively discharged from the military, not only losing their freedom but losing all military benefits as well over the rest of their lifetime.
  • A court-martial could ruin your civilian future. Your military career is not the only thing you stand to lose. A dishonorable discharge will show up to any employer who seeks it out. Jail time could leave you woefully behind once you’re set free. And registration as a sex offender is a very likely possibility should you be convicted of a sex offense (get a court-martial sexual assault lawyer).
  • A court-martial could cost you your friends and family. Your friends and family may say they believe you to your face. But what do they really think? What will happen when you are locked up and they have time to wonder? If you are convicted, those fears will only become more pronounced. And one day, they may not trust you at all.

Have you been accused of a crime in Bahrain? You have no time to waste. Contact Bilecki Law Group TODAY to set up a confidential consultation—before it’s too late.

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U.S. – Bahraini Relations, History and Court-Martial Activity

The United States has maintained a presence in Bahrain since 1971 when Bahrain became a sovereign nation and the British Royal Navy transferred its long-standing naval facility over to the Americans. Since that time, Naval Support Activity Bahrain has become one of the premier U.S. Navy installations operating in the Middle East today seeing major renovations and upgrades in the 90’s and the first two decades of the 21st century.

Today, Bahrain is one of America’s strongest allies in the region, allowing thousands of American military personnel to come and go to war zones throughout the Middle East, and ensuring the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy receives everything it needs to operate effectively during any major military conflicts.

Fast Facts:

  • Original presence by U.S. Forces: 1971
  • Number of military installations: 1+
  • Number of U.S. troops in Bahrain: 10,000+

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Court-Martial Activity:

Most American military personnel face charges that pit them against another American service member or the U.S. Government. Very few criminal offenses have occurred that have involved the Bahraini judicial system. The vast majority of the offenses which lead to courts-martial are sexual assault and drug crimes. Fraud and minor assault charges also occur from time to time.

U.S. – Bahraini Relations, History and Court-Martial Activity

You have served your country honorably and with distinction. A single mistake or false allegation should not derail your entire military career, let alone cause havoc to your personal life and your future in the civilian world. The cost of your offense is far too high, especially when you consider what you’ve given up to support your country in a time of war.

Bilecki Law Group understands the sacrifices you’ve had to make to be where you are. Which is why we tenaciously fight for our clients every step of the way—from the moment they become a suspect to the time the verdict is called in court. No matter how bad your situation looks or how stacked the evidence is against you, we have the experience, the resources and the connections to help secure the best possible outcome for your court-martial case.

  • We have the experience. Bilecki Law Group has defended courts-martial cases for decades, both inside the military as judge advocates and outside the military as civilian attorneys. We have taken on cases related to sexual assault, fraud, drug crimes, violent crimes and more. There is no area of UCMJ law we have not prepared for.
  • We have the resources. Bilecki Law Group can allocate serious firepower to even the odds against the government. From the military defense attorneys, investigator, researchers and paralegals under our employ, to our impressive network of forensic experts, we have the resources and the expertise required to secure the best possible outcome in your case.
  • We have the connections. Our connections extend to the military’s CID and NCIS agencies, the government prosecutors that operate in the region. We know who to contact to discover insights into your investigation, details of your case, and much, much more.

Bilecki Law Group is a trusted name in Bahrain and throughout the Middle East. Call our law offices today for a confidential consultation into your case.

UCMJ Article 87b

FAQ's About Bahrain

Drug charges and assault charges are some of the most common offenses at NSA Bahrain. Sexual assault allegations are also still common, despite seeing a slow decline in recent years. Fraud charges are still very common, both against other service members and against the U.S. Military and the Government.

Bilecki & Tipon defends service members against all offenses under the UCMJ. If you’ve been accused of any crime whatsoever, contact our law offices immediately for a free consultation.

We travel to Bahrain when needed to assist our service member clients from both domestic and military criminal offenses. We can also send support staff such as investigators and forensic specialists should the need arise.

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