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Tim Bilecki

Attorney Timothy Bilecki Files a Motion to Protect Camp Zama Officer

Roughly four months ago, prosecutors dropped a case against Camp Zama officer, Maj. Derren M. Siglock who had been charged with a four day leave without absence, sexual assault, acting disrespectfully to a superior officer and marijuana use. The charges had first arisen back in May 2012 but were finally dismissed recently when Siglock’s wife and daughter refused to travel to Japan to testify against his case.

There is a motion being filed now because the prosecution reopened the case after claiming Siglock’s wife and daughter changed their minds about testifying. In fact, this was not true at all. In light of this, there is a motion being filed to dismiss the entire case, due to prosecutorial misconduct and vindictive measures taken by the prosecution.

The real reason that it appears the case was reopened may be related to the fact that Siglock applied for financial assistance with the Warriors Transition Unit (WTU) just a few days after his case was closed the first time around. The WTU is involved in helping members of the military on their way to receiving retirement funds due to certain medical needs. Siglock deals with both PTSD and Bipolar Spectrum Disorder, according to the WTU assessment of his conditions. The superior officers to Siglock became concerned that he would obtain retirement completely tax-free.

So the case was then re-preferred due to a memo stating that Siglock’s wife had requested to testify. In actuality, she signed an affidavit a few days later stating that in no way had she ever changed her mind. Instead, it appears that the military is attempting to stop Siglock from receiving a tax-free retirement through WTU, rather than trying to uphold what really happened. Attorney Timothy Bilecki is representing Maj. Siglock as they pursue a dismissal of the motion which will be heard on September 10-12, 2013.

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