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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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October 2019
Tim Bilecki

DoD Worker Claims Unwanted Touching, Army MAJ Barely Escapes Charges with GOMOR

Abusive Sexual Contact
Yongsan, Korea
Army Major – O-4
GOMOR permanently filed.

In October 2019, an Army Major stationed at Yongsan, Korea, was under investigation for abusive sexual contact after allegedly inappropriately touching a DoD worker’s buttocks. The allegations were immediately investigated by CID, and the Major was treated terribly by the command, presumed guilty from the onset. Even though the allegations were not corroborated by any other evidence except the word of the accuser, who didn’t care for the Major’s leadership style, CID substantiated the allegations. The command wanted to take the case to a court martial and made it known to the Major that his days in the Army were numbered, all this despite any corroborating evidence. Not wanting to leave his career in the hands of a SHARP infected command and law enforcement team, he retained sex assault defense lawyer Tim Bilecki.

We immediately realized that there was no corroborative and substantiating evidence and the motive to fabricate the allegations was obvious. We then had a discussion with the SJA office and ultimately no court martial charges were preferred. Had they been this would have resulted in a fast acquittal. The Commanding General couldn’t let this one go, so the CG issued a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR). We drafted extensive rebuttal matters discussing the lack of corroborating evidence, the motive to fabricate, and the Major’s stellar prior performance in the Army. This seemed to fall on deaf ears as the CG filed the GOMOR permanently. Fortunately, this case did not go to a show cause board, and the Major was able to continue his career, albeit with a GOMOR. This case was another striking example of how a baseless SHARP allegation can potentially destroy your career if you are not on guard.

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