sexual assault

Sexual Assault | Case Result

August 2019
Location: Osan Air Force Base, South Korea Rank: Air Force , E-6
Charges: Sexual Assault Result: Charges Dismissed after the 32

An Air Force Technical Sergeant was accused of sexual assault after a night of drinking with other Airman. Court-martial defense attorney Tim Bilecki was retained after charges were preferred. Our client was facing multiple specifications of Article 120, UCMJ. After being retained, attorney Tim Bilecki flew to Korea and investigated the case along with our defense investigator, Bilecki Law Group. The case proceeded to an Article 32 preliminary hearing.  At the hearing, we put on evidence showing consent and argued that the case did not meet even the lowest standard of probable cause.  The article 32 preliminary hearing officer found that no probable cause existed and made a recommendation to the Convening Authority to not have charges referred. Ultimately, the charges were not referred and the airman was able to PCS back to the states without further adverse administrative action.