DUI , False Official Statement | Case Result

September 2019


Camp Foster, Okinawa


  • Marine

  • O-3


  • DUI. 
  • False Official Statement.


Criminal Charges Disposed of Administratively.

A Marine Officer was in his vehicle removing his belongings in the early morning hours near Gate Two Street.  Japanese police arrived and required that he take a breath test.  After the breathalyzer was administered, the Marine Officer was taken into custody and later released to the custody of Marine military police.  He was cited for violating a Marine Corps order and was taken to Non-Judicial Punishment.  

Attorney Tim Bilecki was retained and we represented this client throughout the administrative procedures surrounding his on-base driving privileges as well as his NJP. Based on other witness statements, the officer refused Non-Judicial Punishment and demanded trial by court martial. The command subsequently preferred charges against him and the case advanced to an Article 32 hearing.  After the Article 32 hearing, an agreement was reached so that the charges would be withdrawn from the court martial and be, once again, adjudicated administratively.

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