Washington Post Admits that Military Sexual Assault Statistics are Skewed

In an article talking about the prevalence of male on male sexual assault in the military, an issue that is without a doubt blown out of proportion, the Washington Post quoted the near famous statistics (stating that the number of women who report sexual assault in the military is 40% while the number of men who report it is 13%) only to immediately, and correctly, admit that these statistics are skewed.

These statistics are not solely for rape, but for most anything the men and women in the survey decide to deem sexual assault. Putting incidents such as poor jokes and catcalls in the same category as rape is both absurd and blinding to what is really going on. While I commend the Washington Post for at least taking the time to point out that barely even a portion of these stats actually involve rape, perhaps they should better check the validity of a survey before they use it as the backbone of their argument.

To read more about this story, click here.

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