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Who Can Convene a Court Martial?

It Falls to the Officers to Make Tough Calls Over Whether Allegations Warrant a Court Martial Trial Military courts, unlike...

U.S. Service Member Arrested for Deadly DUI in Okinawa

Marine Pvt. First Class Nicholas James-McLean has been arrested in Okinawa, Japan. This arrest is following a deadly vehicle crash,...

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Spice – The Basics

Spice is an olive-colored plant material that can be laced with cannibinoid mimicking compounds. The ingredients of Spice can be...

Latest News On Spice Testing

This is the latest information being put out by the Air Force Drug Testing Lab regarding testing for Spice. A...

Search and Seizure

In Kentucky v. King, S. Ct. 1849 (2011), King conditionally pled guilty to numerous drug offenses after losing a motion...

Post-Confinement Restriction

In UNITED STATES v. SCHUBER, 70 MJ 181 (C.A.A.F. 2011) Schuber was subject to restriction not tantamount to arrest during...

Literal Confrontation

Briscoe v. Virginia, 130 S.Ct. 1316 (2010) deals with literal confrontation. At trial, the prosecution introduced, in accordance with Virginia...

Abuse of Power

United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing, Inc., 2010 WL 3529247 involves the federal investigation into steroid use by Major League...