Spice is an olive-colored plant material that can be laced with cannibinoid mimicking compounds. The ingredients of Spice can be several times more potent than the drug marijuana. Spice that contains HU-210 (or another controlled substance) is considered a controlled substance; however, Spice is available without controlled substances, which means the compound is not a controlled substance. Spice is also commonly known as Silver Spice, Diamond Spice, Yukatan Fire Spice, PEP Spice, and Fire n’ Ice. Spice is rolled in papers and smoked, packed into a blunt or hookah pipes, or inhaled after burning incense. Spice is not a violation of UCMJ Article 112a unless the sample contains a controlled substance, like the ingredient HU-210. You can be charged under Article 134 for possession, use, importation onto a military installation, distribution, etc. of Spice. Commands also prohibit the use, possession, purchase, shipment or distribution of Spice with policy memoranda. Violations can be charged under Article 92. 

If you have been charged with possession, use, importation onto a military installation, distribution, etc. then your should contact a court martial defense lawyer who understands drugs in the military as well as the current state of the law. You owe it to yourself to seek the representation you deserve.

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