Sexual Assault | Japan Case Results

Case Results 

  • All charges dropped 
  • Client never Court-Martialed


  • Sasebo, Japan

Branch of Military and Rank 

  • Navy
  • E-4


Our client was a Navy Sailor who was investigated for sexual assault after hooking up and having sex with another Sailor aboard the USS Essex who had been drinking and flirting with our client.

After having a brief sexual encounter, the alleged victim repeatedly asked our client to not tell any of his or her fellow Sailors that they had hooked up. When he did, she claimed rape. Her story changed numerous times throughout the investigation.

Mr. Bilecki was retained early on, began investigating the case and speaking with the prosecutors. It turned out that some of the sexual encounter was actually captured on video, but NCIS failed to ever obtain the video – which we believe would have shown that the entire sexual act was fully consensual.

Based on the sloppy nature of the investigation and the multiple inconsistent stories of the alleged victim, all charges were dropped and our client was never charged.


  • All charges were dropped 
  • Client never Court Martialed
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