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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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August 2022
Tim Bilecki

Navy Officer Faces Charges for Vaccine Refusal, Bilecki Defends

Violation of a General Order – COVID Vaccine Refusal
Naval Support Activities, Bahrain
Navy Lieutenant Commander – O-4
Naval officer not required to show cause for retention.

If it were physically possible, Bilecki would have proudly defended every single service member who faced adverse action because of refusing to take the experimental COVID vaccine. Every single one, and it would have been an honor. Thankfully for one Naval Lieutenant Commander, we were able to help her and save her career from the abyss of a grave injustice.

The LCDR had a variety of medical complications that made taking the vaccine a risky endeavor. She tried communicating this to her command, but the command was in no mood to listen. They simply threatened to prosecute her for violation of a lawful order under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Despite her best attempts, the command refused to take her seriously until Bilecki got involved.

The LCDR retained Bilecki, and we quickly engaged with the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate and later with PERS to highlight the medical complications. Because of our extensive experience within the military justice system, we understood the culture and the language necessary to highlight the LCDR’s dilemma. We also made it clear that if they didn’t listen to her, they were going to have a fight on their hands with Bilecki leading the charge. They backed down.

The command decided not to subject the LCDR to any adverse administrative action, and PERS did not require her to show cause for retention. This was a huge win, particularly with the military justice system dropping the hammer on countless service members over the COVID vaccine. We wish we could have been there for you all, but we are proud to have saved this LCDR career and look forward to her serving this great nation of ours into the future.

In the end, the Naval Officer was able to avoid adverse administrative action and continue her service in the Navy.

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