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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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May 2019
Tim Bilecki

Bilecki’s Methodical Approach Convinces CID to Close Sexual Assault Case

Sexual Assault
Fort Dix, New Jersey
Army Sergeant First Class – E-7
No charges preferred. Case closed by the CID for no probable cause.

At Fort Dix, an Army Sergeant First Class faced an investigation for sexual assault. Understanding the gravity of the situation, he sought the expertise of Tim Bilecki, a seasoned Article 120 UCMJ sexual assault defense attorney. Bilecki promptly initiated a thorough investigation, scrutinizing the details of the allegation.

The defense’s approach was methodical, focusing on gathering evidence and interviewing potential witnesses to construct a factual narrative of the events. This strategic investigation was crucial in identifying inconsistencies in the allegation and demonstrating the insufficiency of evidence to support the claims against the Sergeant First Class.

Bilecki’s defense team effectively communicated these findings, challenging the premise of the allegations and advocating for the Sergeant First Class’s innocence. Their ability to highlight the lack of substantial evidence played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the case.

Ultimately, their efforts led to a significant development: the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) determined there was no probable cause to proceed with formal charges. This decision underscored the effectiveness of the defense strategy and the importance of a comprehensive legal investigation in resolving such serious allegations.

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