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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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December 2018
Tim Bilecki

Bilecki Challenges Ambiguous Evidence of Sex Assault, Case Resolved with GOMOR

Sexual Assault, Fraternization, Unlawful Entry
Camp Zama, Japan
Army Sergeant First Class – E-7
No court martial charges preferred, resolved at GOMOR.

In December 2018, an Army Sergeant First Class at Camp Zama, Japan, faced grave allegations, including sexual assault, fraternization, and unlawful entry into the quarters of a junior soldier. The incident allegedly unfolded after a social gathering where both individuals had been present. Surveillance footage from the vicinity became a pivotal piece of evidence, capturing the sergeant’s movements but not conclusively linking him to the alleged misconduct.

Tim Bilecki was retained to navigate the complex legal landscape. Bilecki’s approach was multifaceted, beginning with a thorough analysis of the surveillance footage. This examination raised significant questions about the sequence of events as described by the accuser. Bilecki’s team conducted interviews with potential witnesses and scrutinized the evidence for inconsistencies.

The defense strategy hinged on discrediting the allegations of unlawful entry and sexual assault. Bilecki highlighted the ambiguities in the surveillance footage and presented alternative interpretations that challenged the prosecution’s narrative. The fraternization charge, rooted in the sergeant’s interaction with the junior soldier, was meticulously examined, with Bilecki arguing the dynamics did not breach military conduct standards as alleged.

The culmination of Bilecki’s efforts was a series of negotiations with the prosecution. Leveraging the weaknesses in the government’s case, including the inconclusive surveillance footage and the absence of direct evidence linking the sergeant to the alleged assault, Bilecki steered the discussions towards a resolution that would avoid a court martial.

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