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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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September 2011
Tim Bilecki

CID’s Pretext Call to Push E-3 Into Confession of Sexual Assault Misses the Mark

Aggravated Sexual Assault and Wrongful Sexual Contact (Article 120)
Camp Humphreys, Korea
Army | Rank Private First Class - E-3
Full Acquittal – Not Guilty of All Charges and Specifications.


At Camp Humphreys, Korea, an Army Private First Class was accused of sexual assault. The allegations stated that he entered a bathroom where a female Soldier, reportedly unconscious due to vomiting, was present, and he sexually assaulted her. Two Military Police officers asserted they had witnessed the event and intervened.

The case’s complexity increased when Army CID agents conducted a sting operation. They orchestrated a pretext phone call where the alleged victim conversed with the accused, attempting to coax a confession. This call was recorded, capturing the Soldier’s apologies, which were later played before the jury at the trial.

Charged at a general court martial and facing over 31 years of incarceration, the Soldier retained the services of Bilecki Law Group. The defense, helmed by UCMJ Article 120 military defense attorney Tim Bilecki, vigorously contested all charges in front of a military panel. They unearthed significant flaws in the prosecution’s case: law enforcement witnesses were found to have fabricated their testimony, seeking to appear heroic but were caught perjuring themselves.

Teenage girl raped

Moreover, the defense revealed that these law enforcement witnesses had physically assaulted and mistreated our client on the night of the alleged assault, motivated by jealousy over a romantic involvement with one of their girlfriends. The alleged victim’s credibility was also dismantled; she was depicted as dishonest, overdramatic, and struggling with substance abuse. The defense underscored her involvement in the physical assault and the subsequent cover-up against their client.  Our client was acquitted of all charges, marking a complete vindication in a case fraught with fabricated testimonies and character assassination.

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