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500+ Successful Court Cases & Counting: See Reviews ➔
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October 2021
Tim Bilecki

Soldier Attacked by Army Paralegal with Made-Up Claims, Bilecki Wins Legal War

Fraternization, Maltreatment, Sexual Assault
Camp Humphreys, Korea
Army Master Sergeant – E-8
Full Acquittal – Not Guilty of All Charges and Specifications.

Here at Bilecki Law Group, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the UCMJ and how to wield that knowledge at trial like a weapon. Unfortunately, a young PFC who was a 27D Army paralegal thought that she could do better. She used her knowledge to make a timely false allegation against an Army Master Sergeant that would be to her own benefit. She was about to take everything from him to save herself.

She made allegations of sexual assault, maltreatment, and fraternization against the Master Sergeant. Allegations she only made after the Command Sergeant Major pulled her into his office to ask her about her conduct towards the Master Sergeant.

Our investigation uncovered the truth about her alternative reality. Text messages between the PFC and the MSG revealed a friendly relationship that was at odds with her claims of fear and harassment. Texts the MSG perhaps should not have engaged with, but when someone is texting you nonstop, it is hard to ignore.

As it pertains to the allegation of assault, revisions in her testimony about where he touched her raised serious questions about the reliability of her testimony. There were also inconsistencies in the PFC’s account of the night in question. Questions about her sobriety and other actions which indicated that she was a person experiencing unwanted sexual advances. There was also witness testimony and physical evidence that the prosecution would have loved for us not to track down.

We were ready for war, and though the trial was on the Korean peninsula, Bilecki would travel anywhere in the world for a good fight. After a five-day slugfest of a trial, this Master Sergeant emerged not guilty. That’s a full acquittal for the man who committed the sum of his adult life to the defense of this nation.

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