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Camp Humphreys, Korea - Off Limits Areas

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What Camp Humphreys Soldiers Need To Know About Off-Limit Areas And The UCMJ

When the team here at Bilecki fields a call from Camp Humphreys in South Korea, we’ve come to realize that we are about to hear an epic story. You can count on copious amounts of alcohol being involved and inevitably, a young Soldier goes off and does something crazy. In general, it starts off as harmless fun the likes of which our service members have been enjoying since Private Hezekiah Hamilton of the Continental Army made an illicit whiskey run across the Potomac. Unfortunately for service members out of Camp Humphreys, the consequences for such epic nights can spiral out of control thanks to aggressive commands looking to make a public example out of them.  When those epic nights involve any of the various off-limits areas as identified by U.S Army Garrison Camp Humphreys command, you’re going to need a little extra help fending off the worst the UCMJ can throw upon you. You’re going to need an experienced court martial defense attorney who is willing to fight for you and, if we can borrow the term from the epic band, fight for your right to party and have a good time in South Korea.

Yes, You Can Face Charges For Patronizing Off-Limits Establishments

Like any other order, if you do something your command tells you not to do there always exists the potential for trouble with the UCMJ. So, even if you march through Glass Houses and Thousand Won Valley with a Bible trying to convert the sweet young women into nuns, command can still come after you if they want to do so.

Your mere presence is enough and sure as hell, one of your buddies is going to take some picture or video with his phone. There is almost always cell phone evidence because not taking a picture of your buddy hanging all over the glass window just doesn’t seem like a plausible option.

Your mere presence is enough and sure as hell, one of your buddies is going to take some picture or video with his phone. There is almost always cell phone evidence because not taking a picture of your buddy hanging all over the glass window just doesn’t seem like a plausible option.

Now, if you can somehow manage to hit up one of these off-limits areas and return to your barracks with your innocence and virginity intact, good for you. That’s just not the case for most Soldiers which means additional charges can get piled on top of you higher than the pile of empty soju kettles that you just blew your entire paycheck on. Then, when you are drunk and get into a fight with the Korea taxi driver because you can’t pay him after spending every dollar you had that night, you’re in even more trouble.

Commands Have Good Intentions But Poor Execution When Preferring Charges

In general, commands understand the debaucheries and tendencies of their Soldiers and off-limits areas are in place for their protection. The general concerns of commands fall into the broad categories of health/safety, sex, and shady business practices. They want to keep you out of certain tattoo shops because they know some of these parlors don’t bother to wash the tattoo gun in between decorating someone’s anus and your body.

There are a variety of Anjeion-ri realtors on the off-limits list because of shady business practices and honestly, that’s not what causes Soldiers to call our office. No epic story in South Korea began with, “and then we went and saw this realtor.” Let’s be honest without ourselves and recognize its the sex, booze, drugs and BAH fraud that are getting good men and women in trouble out of Camp Humphreys.

This is where commands get it wrong when over prosecuting and ruining the lives of otherwise noble Soldiers. Even when you place the service members in the Middle East, they still find their way to sex and alcohol. You simply cannot completely divorce the propensity to drink and have sex from the culture that is the United States Military.

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Fly In Some Top Notch Court Martial Defense For The Win

We also fly into Korea to defend our clients because we know that what is local to them is not a good option. They could, one, put their entire career into the hands of a free JAG defense attorney who might care more about their own career than their clients. Not true of all JAGs, but most certainly true of some. They could head out and try to find a civilian attorney who is just there to prey upon a Soldier’s desperation to save their career.

Or, they call in the heavy hitter from the United States of America who has not only been stationed in Korea, but has been back over 75 times since getting out of the Army. We’re telling you, when military prosecutors realize that a Soldier has retained stateside legal counsel that is willing to fly in to fight them, we see their knees weaken. That’s because military prosecutors don’t want a fight and when they see us coming, they know they have one.

If you’ve ventured into an off-limits area and now find yourself in trouble with the UCMJ, reach out to us for a free defense strategy session. We offer this free because, one, we want to hear the story. Second, we want to fight for you. We want you in the fight for this nation and a good time shouldn’t put you on the sidelines. Reach out to us as we know the local territory, its various jurisdictions and we know how to win court martials at Camp Humphreys.

Bilecki Fights For Camp Humphrey Soldiers Who Can’ Fight For Themselves

This is why we will fly to the ends of the earth to defend our Camp Humphreys Soldiers. Because we know and understand that while they may have made a poor decision and technically run afoul of the UCMJ, they don’t deserve to have their lives destroyed over the matter.

Hell, we’re even willing to bet that while you were getting a full option massage at Sunny’s that the masseuse had her other hand behind another curtain at the same time and was working the very Sergeant Major who is going to chew your ass about poor morals. Don’t take this to be a judgment of morality, right or wrong. Rather, take it as a matter of pragmatism. These Soldiers are on the front lines of a looming war in the Pacific and taking them out of the fight over temptation that is common to young men and women is bad for this country. We fight for these Soldiers because commands and prosecutors make them think no one is coming to save the day and that fighting is futile. We show them otherwise.