BAH Fraud ,False Official Statement

February 2019
Location: United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan Rank: Navy , E-2
Charges: BAH Fraud , False Official Statement Result: No Court Martial Charges Preferred. Matter handled at NJP.

After a Navy Sailor became the target of an NCIS fraud investigation regarding her pay and allowances, the service member retained attorney Tim Bilecki’s law firm to represent her.  Our office worked with the prosecution team and was able to have the charges adjudicated at Non-Judicial Punishment as opposed to a court martial.

At NJP, our client was charged with a violation of Article 107 (false official statement), and Article 124 (frauds against the United States).  We continued to defend the case and submitted matters in defense, extenuation, and mitigation.  The Sailor was found Not Guilty of Article 124,  but was found Guilty of Article 107.  She was awarded a reduction in rate.