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February 2019
Tim Bilecki

Navy NCO Goes AWOL After Argument with Division Officer, Bilecki Clears Charges

AWOL and Insubordination
Naval Base Guam
Navy Chief Petty Officer – E-7
No adverse administrative action taken.

A Navy Chief Petty Officer faced allegations of AWOL and insubordination stemming from an incident where he left his ship due to a conflict with the division officer. The disagreement was rooted in the Chief’s concerns over “gun decking” practices among Sailors, which he believed compromised integrity and accountability within the unit. Attempting to address these issues, the Chief was met with what he perceived as indifference from the division officer, leading to a heated argument. Seeking to avoid further conflict, the Chief chose to leave the ship and go home.

Subsequently, the Chief became the subject of a command investigation into his actions. Recognizing the seriousness of the allegations, he retained Guam military defense attorney Tim Bilecki to represent him. Bilecki and the Chief cooperated with the investigation, providing evidence about the gun decking practices and the events that led to the Chief’s departure. Their cooperation aimed to highlight the underlying issues within the unit that contributed to the incident. The investigation concluded administratively, resulting in no adverse administrative action against the Chief Petty Officer. This resolution acknowledged the complexities of the situation, including the Chief’s initial intent to address misconduct within his unit.

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