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Sexual Assault, Adultery, Communicating a Threat Charges | Japan Case Results

Location: MCAS Iwakuni, Japan Rank: Marine , E-4
Charges: Sexual Assault , Adultery , Communicating a Threat Result: Not guilty of all sexual assault charges

Our client, a Marine at MCAS Iwakuni, was charged with multiple specifications of sexual assault, communicating a threat, adultery, false official statement, and violation of a lawful order for patronizing an off-limits establishment.

After the alleged sexual assault, NCIS agents tricked the accused into drafting an “apology letter” to the “victim,” under the premise that an apology letter would keep him from getting charged.

However, the letter was instead turned over to the prosecutors and used against him as an admission. Court-martial charges followed. We conducted our own investigation and learned that the “victim” in this case was a liar and mentally unstable.

We took an aggressive stance and fully litigated the Article 32 hearing, exposing her as a deceptive liar with a motive to fabricate the allegations. After the Article 32, the “victim” backed down and no longer wanted to go forward with the case, and the charges were dropped to a Summary Court-Martial.

Mr. Hyatt flew to MCAS Iwakuni to represent our client at the Summary Court-Martial, where the client was found not guilty of all sexual assault charges. He was found guilty of adultery and violation of the lawful order but sentenced only to a reduction in rank.